Robert Troyano, CFP®, CPA - RMT Wealth Management
Robert Troyano, CFP®, CPA - RMT Wealth Management


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    I have been with Robert Troyano, CPA who is with RMT Wealth Management. He has been doing my taxes for a long time and then moved over to financial advisory side, but he continues to do my taxes at a very reasonable rate. He makes full disclosures on my investment and is honest as they come. I have not paid any fees on my investments, as his fees are included in the investments he makes on my behalf. I trust him to do the right thing. I get together once a year (virtually as he is in NJ) and review my portfolio and 401K. I have my retirement fund with another company, and he has never tried to take that over and respects that I don’t want to solely rely on him, but he did give recommendations on my current 401K and the funds I should be looking at. I am not wealthy at all (I’ll be working until I can afford to retire at 67 unless I win mega millions), and he has always treated me with utmost professionalism and respect which is why I still have my investments with him.