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  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Risa Johnson taught my 12 year old how to write legibly in one session. I would not have believed such progress was possible so quickly. He has gained so much confidence working with her. I am thrilled to be able to read his writing easily for the first time. She made the process easy and offers a reasonable rate. Highly recommend!
  • Tutoring recommendation

    I'd like to recommend our tutor Risa Johnson to anyone who is looking for a tutor in Park Slope. Risa has been working with my daughter (9) and son (5) for the past several months on math and reading and writing, respectively. Both have improved significantly in these areas since working with Risa and have gained a confidence which has boosted them in all areas academically. I can't recommend Risa highly enough. Her organisation, commitment to her students, access to materials and knowledge of school curricula is truly impressive! She's great at working with kids and helping them reach their potential. She's also caring, kind and patient.
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    My daughter has been going to Risa for over 5 months now and she continues to gain confidence with her phonemic awareness skills. Risa has been very understanding and flexible in terms of schedule changes due to illnesses and such. My daughter enjoys the time she spends with Risa. When the session is complete, Risa sends me an email with photos of the work they have done. She has been using Fundations to target phonics skills with my daughter. All around it has been a positive experience and I highly recommend Risa as a tutor.
  • Risa Johnson

    I have worked with Risa over the past five years, as she has helped my son both with math and English (reading and writing). Risa has been extremely effective in enabling my son to improve his skills and succeed in school. Thanks to her work, my son is more focused, more confident, and has a better approach to learning new things. I highly recommend Risa.
  • Recommending Tutor for Elementary Student

    I wanted to recommend Risa Johnson's tutoring services. Rise has been working with my 8 year old son on his writing for the past 9 months and we've seen great improvement. Risa is great at motivating him in ways that he enjoys. Since working with her not only has his writing improved but his attitude about writing is noticeably better. Mostly gone are the 20 mins of whining when a writing assignment has to be done! Risa has also been amazing about flexible scheduling and her home office is very conveniently located on 13th and 7th Ave.
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Risa has been a huge help in improving our 7-year-old daughter's reading skills. She started the summer off a bit below grade level, and has made big improvements in just a couple of months of weekly sessions with Risa. Risa is straight-forward and direct--which encourages my daughter to focus and apply herself--but also has a great sense of humor. My daughter responds really well to her instruction and will now be able to start second grade in a good place.
  • Reading & writing tutor recs for first grader?

    We have had great success with Risa Johnson. She has been tutoring my two kids since last school year. She was able to help my then first grader get up to and remain on grade level for reading and improve both their writing technique and stamina. She also helped my third grader, now fourth grader, to improve his writing. She does private sessions or if she has another child at the same grade/level, will try to pair them together. We have done both private and duo sessions over the past year and a half. She has been invaluable during the last two school years to provide extra support.
  • Risa Johnson recommendation

    I'd like to recommend Risa Johnson Tutoring for kindergarten age children. My wife and I had received feedback that our son was falling behind in regards to reading and writing. After his first session with Risa, we saw results almost immediately with our son's confidence and ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Risa has the kind of patience that is perfectly suited to attention-span challenged kiddos, her approach to scheduling is quite accommodating and all in all she is just a lovely human being.
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    For our 6 year old, Risa’s individual attention and structure have been instrumental in teaching her how to read. After going through more than a year of remote classrooms, our child has prospered with Risa’s in-person sessions. Risa’s encouragement and enthusiasm have been great.
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Our 5th grader asked for help with spelling and if she could get a tutor specifically for it. Apparently public schools no longer teach spelling in elementary. We were recommended Risa Johnson by fellow PSP parents. Our daughter liked Risa and her methods immediately. Risa is very straightforward and her method is clear and accessible. Our daughter looks forward to going to her weekly tutoring with Risa and takes pride in her progress. The lessons take place in her outdoor space and masked, which was perfect for these COVID times.
  • Risa Johnson recommendation

    I'd like to recommend Risa Johnson for tutoring services. I've known her for a number of years as both of my sons have worked with her. We first engaged Risa when my eldest son was in second grade and was behind in reading and math. He has ADHD and Risa was able to keep him focused and engaged. We very quickly saw him make great progress and he finished the year at grade level. My other son was behind in reading when he began first grade, due to the pandemic. Risa began working with him once a week and he also made very quick progress, also finishing the year at grade level. Risa is a lovely person overall and is very responsive and easy to schedule with. Particularly during the pandemic when our school went from hybrid to 5 days, she worked really hard to accommodate us. Due to the pandemic, Risa conducts the sessions in a tent in her backyard and has taken safety protocols seriously.
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    I wanted to take a moment to recommend Risa Johnson Tutoring for most elementary school needs. Our child's grades started slipping dramatically in 3rd grade. Writing was the main culprit, although he generally has struggled with executive functioning and organization. We found Risa via PSP and we started with her 1x/week. Saw results very soon on with both my son's confidence and approach to work. Then pandemic hit, and Risa was able to at first resume classes via zoom, and then back in person in her lovely backyard. By the end of the year our son was coming to Risa 3x/week, and she paired him with other kids his age. She's patient, goes above and beyond, very knowledgeable about curriculum and just adds general patience and kindness to the experience. We highly recommend!
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    With the uncertainty of extended remote learning in the Fall of 2020, we knew we'd need academic support, specifically in reading/writing. I spoke to Risa about my 2nd graders needs, areas of strengths and weaknesses, and the type of help we may need, (homework support & building on reading skills) She was very flexible from the start in terms of trying to find a tutoring partner for my son and with the type of assignments that we'd need support with, which changed frequently due to remote, hybrid and then fulltime schedule changes. She ensured it would be a good fit before we fully commited and we've been very happy with her services. She goes out of her way to challenge my son with above grade level work, and that's one of the reasons he says he enjoys going. In the past year, I haven't heard one complaint from him about attending tutoring twice a week, that shows me that Risa truly engages with him and makes it interesting and fun. He was getting in school support for reading, but half way through the year, his reading teacher told me, he didn't require it anymore, I think the support from Risa reallly helped build his confidence and allowed him to excel!
  • Risa Johnson

    My 3rd grader has improved his reading skills tremendously with the help of Risa Johnson.  She is flexible, responsive and really goes out of her way to be accommodating. He is responsive to her patience, enthusiasm and creativity.  I highly recommend Risa as a tutor. 
  • Risa Johnson: Tutor

    I felt it necessary to put in a review for this tutor, whom my son has been seeing for the better part of the past 4 months. My son started to see Risa at the end of the recent school year, during the pandemic. When he first started with Risa, he simply could not read. He struggled with identifying the correct sounds to letters; he refused to "tap out" and sound out words; he hated reading. He avoided reading and site words at all costs. Through the course, Risa has been such a fantastic tutor and support to my son. My son has seen Risa 2x a week for the past 4 months or so; she has been able to build a great rapport with my son and has been able to help him to feel more comfortable and confident with reading. In fact, my son can now confidently go through site words and read a book to me. She has been attentive, prepared; provided copious materials to work with; and is always ready to work with a complicated schedule. She is really fantastic. We will continue to see her through the course of remote learning.
  • Review of local tutor

    Risa Johnson is my six year old son's tutor, helping him catch up in reading, writing and math. Since beginning working with her, I have been amazed at how my son, who is typically resistant to doing any schoolwork, has been cooperative and even enthusiastic about going. Risa has engaged him in a way that astounds both me and my husband! She regularly sends photos and videos and we can't believe how willingly he reads and writes in their sessions. He is clearly making great progress and we are so grateful to have found Risa, particularly during this very chaotic time. My son, who often tests limits with new authority figures, responds so well to her straightforward teaching approach. We are thrilled that he's working with her.
  • Risa Johnson, Tutor

    We just started seeing (2 lessons) Risa Johnson to help my 6-year-old who has some reading issues. Risa was really great, handling my daughter's lack of confidence very well and I could tell my daughter was learning a lot. Unfortunately then the Covid19 isolation happened, so we need to discontinue, but Risa says she is doing online tutoring via Skype. My daughter couldn't handle online tutoring, but for those of you with kids who can, it would be a great way of keeping up your child's studies while school is closed this month.
  • 2019 Review

    Comment: Risa Johnson is very patient and, after just a few months, we saw improvement in both our kids! She worked closely to identify the gaps that huge class sizes won't uncover to help get each of my kids past some hurdles they had in reading, spelling and math, and she took extra time to make sure that the parents are able to help! Risa has tons of experience and by having the sessions in her home she creates a welcoming atmosphere for kids of all ages to work. She's very flexible with scheduling and very responsive. Of course the most important thing is results: both my son and daughter have had success because of her care and attention to the individual child -- hard to get as class sizes get to be so big! I highly recommend Risa for kids who are struggling, just have gaps to fill or who crave an extra challenge!
  • Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Risa has been tutoring my 6 year old daughter since September, and it has made a big difference in building confidence in reading, writing and spelling. Risa creates all of her own material, and makes the session interesting and engaging. My daughter complains about almost all after school activities, but she doesn’t complain about going to Risa’s house. I think they are pals. Risa sends me photos of the work that they do each session, and I’m always impressed that Risa is able to get my daughter to focus for that long. My husband and I have a hard time getting her to focus for 5 minutes at home. I highly recommend Risa as a tutor.
  • 2018 Review

    Risa tutored our older son Jude for nearly a year, tutoring him primarily in reading and writing and some math from the middle of his second grade through this fall of his third grade. We have paused now with Risa only because schedules could not allow regular sessions to work, though we hope to start again. Risa is a highly qualified, retired teacher. She is energetic, opinionated, no nonsense, but also fun. Jude had needed extracurricular help, one on one learning, help with focusing and hopefully confidence. We, Jude's parents, also needed proactive feedback. Jude excelled with Risa and misses her now. We were very happy with Jude's progress and with Risa's sharing of feedback with us. We highly recommend Risa and hope to work with her again.
  • Reading Tutor

    Yes I would like to 2nd the recommendation for Risa Johnson. My son was a reluctant reader and now he loves to read. He's been working with Risa for two years (since 2nd grade) and she's helped him a lot. First with phonics and reading and now more with writing and spelling. She's pretty patient with my high-energy son and she tries to make it fun for him by finding passages about aliens and monsters to keep him engaged.
  • Reading Tutor

    My daughter has been with Risa Johnson since first grade (now and third grade) and I can't speak more highly over her. She's very patient, experienced and well-equipped to deal with kids that are really struggling with reading/writing. She teaches children in a dedicated space in her home and also can come to you.
  • 2018 Review

    My daughter has been seeing Risa this summer to help with her reading and spelling. At the end of first grade, she had just reached grade level with her reading, and we did not want to lose her momentum over the summer. Risa immediately identified her challenges, and planned her lessons accordingly. In addition, she sent home worksheets and games to work on during the week that were useful and varied, so that my daughter did not get bored. While my daughter did not always want to work on the worksheets, they were great practice, and I am hopeful that she will start second grade with some extra confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone whose child needs extra help.
  • Review from 2018

    she worked with our son for a little over a year. "When it became clear that our son needed math help beyond what I could offer, I gave Risa a call. She is patient yet firm. She developed a great rapport with him and I will always be thankful to her for getting us through a difficult period. He is now doing math at and above grade level. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone in a similar situation."
  • April 2018

    Risa has been tutoring my 2nd grade daughter for several months in math. My daughter struggled with confidence and sometimes felt lost in class. She has really benefited from the one on one attention and direction that Risa provides. Risa is a skilled tutor, very knowledgeable about current teaching methods around math and extremely patient. Mia generally goes to her session with enthusiasm.
  • May, 2018 review

    Risa has been tutoring my son for the past several months and has been instrumental in him advancing in his reading skills. She is patient, structured and does a great job of following up with me after the session. Most importantly my son enjoys going to his session and has developed quite a bit in a short period of time. I would strongly recommend her.
  • Review of Tutor Risa Johnson

    My 6 year old son has been seeing Risa one-on-one twice a week for reading/writing for the past few months and he has made a lot of progress thanks to her. Risa works very closely with my son's 1st grade teacher as a team, providing updates and observations that may help him in the classroom. She's appropriately tough with him and keeps him on track even though he is very easily distracted. After a couple of months he really started to go up on his reading levels and we're very pleased with the results. She provides massive amounts of at-home work to do between sessions, so you'll never run out of activities, although it's by no means required. I would absolutely recommend Risa's Tutoring for a child who needs to catch up, most of all because my son who "hates" school work actually does not protest going to tutoring (in fact I think he secretly likes it), and that in and of itself was such huge relief from the struggles we have had academically.
  • Recommendation

    My daughter began going to Risa weekly after she had fallen behind grade level in writing and reading. Risa kept my child engaged in topics ranging from spelling to grammar, to reading comprehension, to essay-writing. She tailored lessons to her interests and needs, and my child was always happy to attend tutoring sessions. After a few months, my child was on grade level again, and I'm certain that the one-on-one attention made a difference. Risa's rates are very reasonable, and she is conveniently located in the South Slope within blocks of PS10 and PS107.
  • Review of tutor: Risa Johnson

    My son began working with Risa this summer to get his math up to speed before fourth grade. I have been very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and her dedication- not just to my son’s progress in math, but to him as a person and student, overall. She has a background in education and definitely sees the “whole kid”--- she isn’t just showing him how to sole algorithms. I expected my son to be furious when I told him he’d be doing math all summer but Risa is so fun, relaxed and engaging that he hasn’t pushed back. This is a small miracle.
  • Review/Recommendation for Risa Johnson Tutoring

    I highly recommended Risa Johnson for her tutoring services. We started with Risa a few months ago when my 2nd grade son was falling behind in Math - she was recommended by another friend in the neighborhood and I read all of the rave reviews on PSP. In the few months we have been seeing her, I am happy to say that we have seen a definite improvement in Math - not just in scores, but in confidence and willingness to do it. My son actually looks forward to going to see Risa every week - which is nothing short of a miracle. She is very experienced, has all of the materials used by local schools (and then some) and is very organized and responsive. We love working with Risa and we would recommend her to any family.
  • Writing classes review

    My son and his friend took weekly writing classes with Risa this school year. She is punctual, professional, and makes the classes interesting for the kids. My son benefited greatly from them. His grades improved and now he is at grade level and feels comfortable doing schoolwork and homework , whereas before he had difficulties. I recommend Risa if your kid needs a little help with reading/writing.
  • Tutoring: Risa Johnson

    My 2nd grade son has a late birthday and he's a reluctant reader. He started falling behind so we decided to engage a tutor. We heard great things about Risa and we are happy we found her. Risa is experienced and keeps it fun for him. Her Wilson/Fundations approach is consistent with what his ICT teachers use in the classroom. He's only been working with her for the past few months (just 1x a week) however we are already starting to see improvements in his skills and his confidence. With her help we are optimistic he'll be reading at grade level by the next report card period.
  • review for Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Our daughter started the G&T program in first grade after a non G&T kindergarten. She started the year further behind the other students in reading level. We have been going to Risa to help with the reading and our daughter has made very quick progress. The G&T teacher has been pleased with how quickly she caught up and improved in class.
  • Tutoring Recommendation

    Risa Johnson is currently tutoring my 2nd grade son in ELA and I can’t recommend her enough. My son has been struggling in reading and writing, and since working with Risa over the past few weeks I’ve already seen improvements in his work. He also has more confidence in completing his homework than he did prior to working with Risa. Risa is friendly and knowledgeable and keeps my son focused and engaged for the hour. My older son worked with Risa in Math when he was in the 4th grade, and she helped him immensely. Math is now his best subject! Risa is a real gem in Park Slope. I strongly recommend her for her tutoring services.
  • Re: Second grade math tutors - recommendations?

    our kids have been working with risa johnson, whom we found via psp, for the last year and highly recommend her. she's a former teacher and is absolutely terrific. we've seen a lot of improvement in the kids math. she also works with them on ela and they really like her. she has a ton of great reviews on the park slope parents website.
  • Review for Risa Johnson Tutoring

    Risa Johnson has been tutoring my 9 year old son for the last 8 months, and she has been terrific to work with. My son is doing well in school, but we wanted Risa to help provide some additional individualized attention. She has worked with him on math and writing, and we have noticed significant improvements in his performance in both areas. Risa is incredibly hard working and very responsive to our feedback/input. She really takes time to prepare for the sessions, and to find the material that will be most interesting and helpful for our son. I definitely recommend Risa to anyone looking for an academic tutor for a child in elementary school.

    I would like to recommend my daughter's great tutor Risa Johnson! My daughter Mia is 7 years old, she is in 2nd grade and needs some help with reading, writing and math! She really likes Risa! She studies with her according to my daughter's interest. She loves to learn about science! She makes it fun and dynamic! And she is always very responsive!
  • excellent park slope tutor!

    Risa Johnson is absolutely terrific! Our 7-year old twins (2nd-grade) have been working with her on ELA and math. She manages to make their sessions together fun and the kids enjoy their time with her. I’ve also been impressed with how she manages the time with both of them and can accomplish so much in each session. I have a seen a steady improvement in both kids’ academic performances. Risa is also very responsive and sends frequent updates on how the kids are doing. She’s a fantastic tutor and we are very lucky to have found her!
  • Review for Risa Johnson Tutoring

    My son has been working Risa for 4 months now and we couldn't be happier. She was recommended to us by his teacher. In the time that he has been working with her he has made progress in reading, writing & math. She has given him a boost in confidence as well. She keeps him focused, while taking her time to figure out the best way to teach him. He never complains to go and really likes learning with her. I highly recommend her to work with your child!
  • Review of Risa Johnson Tutoring Services

    My daughter has been tutored by Risa for over a year now we are very happy with her service, we have seen steady improvements in her academics and Risa is always looking to tailor her sessions to your childs changing needs.
  • Tutor

    Risa has been working with my family for two years. Last year she worked with my son and daughter - one in 4th and one in 2nd. They do well in school, but I wanted to give them a little time for one on one work. Risa focused on math with my 2nd grader and writing with my son in 4th grade. This year I have her working with kindergartener as well, practicing letter shapes and letter sounds. Risa has great patience and a good sense of humor. She is organized, reasonable with her rates and up-to-date on what the kids are doing in school. Most importantly, she keeps the children engaged in their work and keeps their work interesting. They all really like her - as do I.
  • Recommendation: HS Art Portfolio Prep - Risa Johnson

    We got to Risa VERY late, in September, with a pile of art work and no idea whether it was up to snuff or not. Panic! Risa was our lifesaver. First, she very carefully considered what my daughter had already done, sorted out the good from the not-quite-there-yet from the bad, and quickly came up with a game plan. What a relief! Risa was excellent about judging how long it would take to do a piece from start to finish or to fix one that was already started, giving concrete time schedules (this will take 5 to 6 hours of work, etc.), and talking through the short time we had remaining to be sure we got all the pieces done before auditions. She came up with creative ideas for using what we had, like making a collage of small hand and feet drawings my daughter had already done. My daughter spent 2 hours a week with Risa for about 6 weeks and did a lot of work on her own at home that she then polished with her in a group with just two other girls. Risa says she "micromanages" the kids ... and to be honest, her input and feedback for the portfolio process was exactly what we needed. She was encouraging when my daughter had ideas, but gave her honest feedback and made sure the pieces weren't just creative, but also showed the technical skills the schools want to see demonstrated. She was kind, but firm, with an eye for detail. > Risa helped us right down to the last minute, telling us what portfolio to use, making sure everything was labelled well, etc. My daughter was so very proud of the work she did with Risa. And when she saw other portfolios at the auditions... she was beaming. I am a very honest person when it comes to feedback and I can tell you I honestly don't know if she would have been able to do it without Risa. The proof is in the pudding: my daughter had her choice of Laguardia Art and Murrow Art! This message was approved by my daughter. :) (Reviewed May 2015)
  • Park Slope Parents Review - Risa Johnson Tutoring

    My 3rd grader has been working on math with Risa for the last 6 months and has made steady improvement. She enjoys the weekly tutorial, is much more confident and much less confused about how to approach common core math. Risa is punctual, very prepared and more than happy to be contacted between lessons, so she can make the most of the time she has with my child. I highly recommend her.
  • Review of Risa Johnson Tutoring

    My second grade daughter currently receives math, spelling and reading tutoring services from Risa. Risa has really improved my daughter’s performance at school, as well as increased her confidence regarding these subjects. Risa is a pleasure to work with as she knows exactly how to get my daughter to focus on the tasks at hand and gets her excited about doing her homework. Moreover, Risa keeps me informed regarding my daughter’s progress and what we can do at home to help. There is no question that my daughter’s math, reading and spelling skills have improved since working with Risa. I highly recommend that, if your child needs extra help with school, you contact Risa immediately.
  • Wonderful Tutor in Park Slope!

    My son is in the fifth grade, and has been receiving math tutoring from Risa Johnson for the last few months. He felt comfortable with Risa from their first session together due to her skilled teaching, patience, kindness, and gentle humor. Risa is very familiar with the curricula of Park Slope schools, and tailors her sessions so that she both reinforces previously introduced concepts as well as begins to introduce new concepts that his math class will cover. I love the fact that her tutoring sessions are highly individualized, and that she focuses on areas in which my son has trouble and needs reinforcement, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. My son is more confident in his work since he began working with Risa, and his skills and grades both show improvement. I am thrilled to have found such a patient, competent tutor for my son, and highly, highly recommend Risa as a tutor. I just wish we had found her sooner!
  • review for Risa Johnson (tutor)

    My daughter is in the 4th grade. We looked for a tutor because we were concerned about her grades in class as well as her scores on the state tests that she took at the end of 3rd grade. Her test scores were very low and her grades have been just so so all along. Our daughter works with Risa twice a week for tutoring in math and reading/writing for both improvement in her school work and also for ELA and Math test prep. We have been so thrilled with Risa. First of all, our daughter ENJOYS going. I was concerned it would feel like a chore. But she likes it. Risa is very warm and friendly and also somehow motivates my daughter to try her hardest. She knows how to break down the concepts so that my daughter really gets is. Her first report card in November was better than previous ones and her teacher has told us that he sees a very big improvement in her understanding of the concepts for writing well and the math strategies. And her confidence in class has improved greatly. Also, she does her homework now with ease and no prompting from us. We are feeling much better going into the winter/spring semester and SO GLAD we started working with Risa. I was truly worried that it would be a waste of time and money but it has turned out to be the opposite. Such a good investment.
  • Tutor Recommendation

    I would like to recommend my sons tutor Risa Johnson.Risa has been his tutor since January of this year. She tutors him in Math and Reading and since then he has really picked up.I highly recommend her services plus she's really sweet.You could go to her home in the slope or she'll come to yours.
  • Review for Tutor Risa Johnson

    When I felt my daughter’s writing did not progress in third grade I decided to find a tutor. Risa tutored by daughter for most of fourth grade and did an excellent job of getting her back on track, helping her organize her thoughts to write coherently and persuasively. The best thing that has happened is that my daughter has regained her confidence and joy in writing. Rather than writing the minimum necessary to complete a homework assignment (which she was doing before), she now takes pleasure and pride in developing her written assignments and enjoys putting in the extra effort it takes. Her grades in this area have gone from 3s to 4s. At every parent-teacher conference the teachers remark at how well she is writing. After seeing the progress my daughter was making I had my son (twin), who has an IEP, begin tutoring with Risa as well. She has helped him tremendously in being able to expand his writing skills. Before it was extremely difficult for him to write even a full paragraph but he now does this routinely and is able to write extended responses. My daughter received an excellent score on her state ELA, and my son improved his score significantly from the prior year.
  • Review for tutor Risa Johnson

    I have been using Risa Johnson for my 1st and 4th graders during the past school year. My kids really enjoyed working with Risa and I really liked our interactions as well. Risa is extremely dedicated educator and is very knowledgeable. If she didn't know something she would always research it and will get back to me. She has never been late for any of the classes. She tutored my 1st grader reading and math using Fundations ( the Wilson Reading Program) for reading. Risa worked on math and ELA with my 4th grader. After only several months, I have seen vast improvement in reading and math with my first grader. My 4th grader has shown great improvement in writing skills, especially essays, and vocabulary development. She also improved in confidence in math, as well as organizational skills. I would recommend Risa for all subjects.
  • For Risa Johnson

    My husband and I were pleased to discover that a former teacher trained in a research-based reading and spelling curriculum was available to tutor our third grader. After three months of consistent weekly sessions with Risa, the classroom teachers noted important gains in reading fluency and in a willingness to read independently. At home, Risa's support has translated into increased confidence and motivation. With improved literacy as her goal, Risa has delivered key interventions in support of our child's effectiveness as a young reader. For that, we are very appreciative.
  • Review for Risa Johnson (Tutor)

    Risa is currently tutoring my 3rd grade daughter in reading and math. We reached out to her because our daughter was having reading problems, which was also impacting her math work. She spends time doing Wilson methods with her and our daughter's reading level and interest in reading has improved considerably. She breaks down math work into understandable concepts. She also took it on herself to get new materials that are based on the new Common Core and is able to teach the "new" math. She provides guidance and structure for approaching reading comprehension and writing questions. Our daughter works with her for a solid hour and a half and is happy and focused during the sessions. The one on one attention has been very valuable to her.
  • Math Tutor

    Comment: Risa is currently tutoring my 4th grade son in Math. She is very warm and friendly and my son feels at ease working with her in her South Slope home. Our school introduced a new math book this year and it has presented many new challenges for him. Risa took the initiative and invested in a workbook for herself to better understand the objectives and problem solving techniques of the curriculum. In addition, she has taught him other problem-solving techniques as well as provided him useful handouts that he refers to while doing his homework which has been extremely helpful to him. His math skills have sharpened and he now has more confidence in completing his homework than he did prior to working with Risa. Overall, his homework grades and weekly test scores have improved. I strongly recommend Risa and her tutoring services.
  • recommendation for the website re: risa johnson/reading tutor

    My daughter, now 6, has been receiving speech therapy since she was 2 and continues to struggle with phonetics. Sadly, this has greatly effected her reading as the method most schools use is purely phonetically based. Knowing that she was slipping behind grade expectations in Kindergarten, I decided to hire Risa Johnson as a reading tutor the summer before 1st grade. Risa uses the Fundations/Wilson Language and Reading Program and within a few weeks my daughter went from guessing a word she didn't know to tapping out the sounds (part of Fundations) and reading on her own. (Ironically PS 154 started to use Fundations this year bc many children with poor phonetic awareness were struggling with the school's former method). I am happy to report that my daughter is now in 1st grade and reading above grade expectations. Most importantly she is finally enjoying reading. My daughter is able to focus with Risa for a full hour and looks forward to her lessons. I was getting concerned that my daughter was not getting the help she needed at school and I could not find a way to teach her. The investment in Risa's tutoring has been well worth it. Risa is easy to talk with and she has even coached me on how best to support my daughter's reading. I recommend Risa's services for any parent who is concerned about their child's reading and would like to try the Fundations method.
  • reviews

    We sent my Kindergarten daughter to Risa this spring when we were concerned that she had not progressed beyond a level B in reading in months at school. In about 2 months Risa has taken her to a level D-E, and has given as all a valuable methodology for practicing reading. She was very committed to our daughter's progress, and pushed her steadily (but appropriately), given that we had started late in the school year. We are quite pleased with the progress she has made with Risa's guidance, and the tools she has given us to help her continue progressing.
  • Recommendation

    My son was behind his 1st grade classmates in reading/writing and his confidence was very low. I tried to work with him but it often ended in tears. When his teacher said he might not graduate to the 2nd grade I decided to seek out a tutor and I am thrilled with the progress he has made with Risa Johnson. When my son started working with Risa he was at reading level D but 6 months later he is finishing the school year at reading level J! The Wilson program she uses works. What may be even better is that his confidence has improved and he now reads on his own without prompting. He is always excited to go to tutoring and I love that Risa communicates directly with his teacher on his progress. My kindergarten age daughter started seeing Risa,less frequently, and has moved from reading level A/B to level D. I highly recommend her services without reservations!
  • Risa Johnson - Tutor K - 6 And Portfolio Consultant

    Our son is in 2nd Grade at PS 321. Since starting to work with Risa several months ago our son has moved up several letters in he reading. Risa uses the Wilson Program as well as other methods and they certainly seem to be working. What i really like about Risa is her commitment to helping our son improve his reading and writing. She sends his teacher weekly updates about what she is working on with him so that the teacher can monitor his progress. Though our son is never excited to have his tutor time, he does enjoy his time with Risa and she always finds a way to keep him engaged and focused for the hour that she spend with him and it is paying off.
  • available Tutor

    My 4th grader is doing tutoring with Risa Johnson and she's terrific. She's retired after teaching special ed for 30 years. We go to her home in the South Slope, but she also makes house visits. She's fun and straight-forward with a light touch.
  • Tutor for reading

    I have been using Risa Johnson, of "Risa Johnson Tutoring" for several months. She has been using the Wilson Program (Foundations) a reading program for my first grader. It has been fantastic. She is very methodical and disciplined and she is able to keep my son focused for an entire hour. He is in first grade and has made lots of progress thanks for her. He even skipped two reading levels. She was recommended to me by our son's teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
  • (no subject)

    I noticed some positive posts in the past about tutor Risa Johnson. As everyone has just gotten their report cards- I wanted to say that we have been using her since September and can't say enough good things about her. We are new to the area- so as well as helping our child, she is helping us navigate all the issues inherent with the system. We have an "active boy". For those of you in those's going to be ok. Risa is warm, direct, and has a clear understanding of school expectations and how to work with your child in a simple down to earth way- without making them want to run out the door. The improvement we have seen in our son is heartwarming. And yes, she has helped us just recently with a few panicked moments...
  • (no subject)

    We hired Risa last school year to help our daughter with learning to read. Risa used the Wilson method, which worked wonders for our daughter! In fact, her school teacher was so impressed with our daughter's progress, that she gave Risa's name to parents of other children in class who were struggling with reading. Risa went above and beyond, communicating weekly with the teacher to provide her with updates on our daughter's progress. She is very flexible and her rates are reasonable. We highly recommend her! You can reach her directly at
  • (no subject)

    Risa has been tutoring my son for about 3 months and she is a great tutor. She has really helped my 4th-grader improve his writing skills and begin preparing for the ELA tests. Risa has also given my son a great foundation to organize his thoughts and write essays. She also has a calm personality and a great way of engaging my son and is very experienced as a tutor. Risa uses traditional and creative supplements to really focus in on my son's interests in order to get him excited about writing. I think she is a great tutor and I would highly recommend her to any parents who want to enrich or improve their kids' writing, reading or other school skills. Risa is also very easy to work with and flexible in her schedule and she can customize her tutoring sessions to accomodate most kids' needs. You can contact her by going on to her website, or emailing her at
  • (no subject)

    I would love to recommend our Tutor, Risa Johnson. Risa is trained in Wilson and Foundations Reading Programs. She is a retired special ed teacher with over 30 years of experience. Risa is also a wonderful Art teacher. She comes to your home and she is very flexible with days and times. Risa is working with a few kids from PS 39 where my kids attend school and all the parents have nothing but great things to say about her. You can visit her website at or email her at (May 2012)
  • (no subject)

    Risa Johnson has been working with my 1st grade son on the Wilson reading program. She is fantastic, Alex was really behind in his school work and thanks to Risa, he is getting the help that he needed.
  • (no subject)

    If you are looking for someone to help your child improve their writing skills I can highly recommend Risa Johnson. She did a great job helping my 4th grader prepare for the ELA. She was very thorough and made him feel confidant and more at ease about the test. You can get more information about her services at:
  • (no subject)

    Risa Johnson tutors my fourth-grader and she's done a terrific job improving her writing, spelling, math, and test prep skills. Thanks to Risa's work, my daughter has gained a lot of confidence and is doing much better in school. You can see her website at :
  • (no subject)

    Risa Johnson, a retired art, special ed, and resource room teacher has been working on general academic tutoring, hw help, and 4th grade test prep with both my kids this school semester. She is available weeknights and weekends for additional tutoring for academic areas K -5. Risa has 30 years in the school system and is very knowledgeable and effective as well as affordable.