Ridge Psychological Services- Deborah De Santis-Moniaci, Ph.D.
Ridge Psychological Services- Deborah De Santis-Moniaci, Ph.D.



45 Plaza Street West, Suite 1B Brooklyn, NY 11217 &
446 74th Street, Lower Level Brooklyn, NY 11209

Ridge Psychological Services offers an array of services for children, adolescents and adults including consultations, neuropsychological, psychological and educational testing and therapy services at two convenient locations, in Park Slope and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We are invested in making sure you get expert care throughout the time you are working with us. That starts with a phone consultation with one of our seasoned psychologists to hear your concerns and educate you on the care we provide.


Our comprehensive testing services will help you understand your child’s or your own strengths and what specific areas need support. Our team will thoroughly review your results with you and provide you with a detailed report that describes our recommendations, including the type of educational setting and accommodations you or your loved one requires. We also provide you with appropriate referrals so that you get all the care you need.


In therapy, we use evidenced based therapy models, including cognitive behavioral therapy, to help bring about change. We believe that understanding how your concerns originated and how they are affecting your life along with developing the coping skills you need to reach your goals is integral to bringing about lasting change. Please note that we are out of network providers and therefore, will provide you with regular statements so that you can get reimbursed by your insurance carrier if possible.


Your discount: $350 discount

We offer a $350 discount for a full neuropsychological, psychological or educational evaluation.
This discount is only valid with proof of membership and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. This offer can only be used once per family.

Reviews (3)

  • Experience with Dr. Vizarro-Villongco; Alice Kaltman, LCSW; or Dr. Brodsky

    For my son, who's 7, we see Dr. Deborah De Santis-Moniaci: We've seen real improvements in his behavior and she's honest about what she can and can't do with his age group, and when it's time to stop using her and work on our own.
  • Child Behavioral Therapist Recommendations

    We’ve been working with Dr. Deborah De Santis-Moniaci at Ridge Psychological for over a year now. Our son has sensory processing issues and was having severe meltdowns, like the ones you described. He was almost six when we started working with her, and within eight months the meltdowns had effectively stopped. We were tapering off with her in March when the lockdown started, so just stopped seeing her altogether. His meltdowns started again in November when his school went full remote (Zoom and sensory processing disorder does not mix), so we got her in the loop again in early December. The meltdowns have improved vastly so we’re seeing her about once a month now. Dr. D. Is very systematic with kids this age. We would brainstorm strategies that might help; try these strategies during the week while keeping a diary of meltdowns, strategies, and results; and then keep what worked and try a new batch of strategies, so we all three had an arsenal of tactics to employ. She did play therapy with our son, too, but said that with his age, the effects were limited. She wanted us and him to learn strategies and for him to learn to use his words, and it did work. And as I said, she was open and available when we needed a refresher and said that many parents had also come back to her for a limited time during COVID. Anyway, best of luck to you. The tantrums are so upsetting, I know, and parents of kids that age don’t tend to talk about them. I remember feeling very isolated by my son’s behavior. Now, I feel that the behavior was normal for a boy with his sensory issues AND that it can be addressed. It’s been so good for my son’s self-esteem. Dr. D seems to have some availability but is not seeing clients in person right now. Psychologists are higher on the list for vaccinations than the normal person, though, so hopefully that will change soon!
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