Ride Brooklyn
Ride Brooklyn


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Reviews (4)

  • Bike store catering to young kids.

    I believe that Ride Brooklyn on Bergen street has a few sub $200 kids bikes.
  • bike repair shop

    In North Slope, check Ride Brooklyn on Bergen street.
  • (no subject)

    Go to Ride Brooklyn on Bergen. They've got a huge selection of bikes, they're super friendly and helpful, and they do great repair work. I've never had a good experience at Dixon's, but I've never had a bad one at Ride Brooklyn.
  • (no subject)

    I love the folks at Ride Brooklyn on Bergen near Flatbush. Their bikes, I think, are reasonably priced as they are very good quality. They are also great at repairs and customer service. No attitude, very laid back, excellent repairs and stand behind their work. They have taken things back and worked with us to fit an unusual kids' bike seat. I honestly love them.