Richard Colacino, CFP
Richard Colacino, CFP


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Reviews (2)

  • 2018 Review

    Colacino tax partners — here on 7th ave and 8th street - a great accountant and a great person / dad.
  • Re: Good and reasonable tax prep in Brooklyn?

    We use Rich Colacino at Joseph Colacino Tax Partners on 7th & 8th, right in Park Slope. His fees seem reasonable to me. I even ran a little test once: did my taxes myself (badly, because I'm terrible), then brought them to him. He ended up saving me more than his fee, so I was psyched. Like you, our taxes are more than we want to muddle through ourselves but not that big a deal. We've been using him for years, we see him in the neighborhood with his kids, he's a good guy.