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Resumama Resumes - Janet Raiffa


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Reviews (8)

  • Looking for professional resume writing help

    I just had Janet Raiffa redo mine: I think she did a great job even though I haven't gotten a new job yet. Granted, we just reviewed it and I need to get her more information and I therefore haven't even sent it out yet. So that might be a contributing factor.
  • ISO Career Coach

    I can recommend two people here: 1) Janet for resumes. 2) Ed for career coaching. Both are outstanding at what they do.
  • Career changer needing help to update Resume/CV

    Janet Raina is the absolute best! Her wide experience and HR-whisperer wisdom make her an expert at mining information from past careers and melding it into a golden new resume. Janet genuinely gives a crap, and she also gives a fantastic pep talk while she’s at it. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
  • Career changer needing help to update Resume/CV

    Janet Raiffa at is excellent. I just had a session with her this morning to update the resume she wrote for me two years ago. She is very responsive and should be able to assist you quickly.
  • professional profile (cover letter, resume and LinkedIn) review, update and improve consultant.

    I highly recommend Janet Raiffa at
  • ISO Resume Designer

    I second the recommendation for Janet Raiffa, she did my resume (both content and format) and I was very happy. or
  • ISO Resume Designer

    My wife used Janet, and I've sent a few other people to her that have come back very happy! You can reach her at:
  • RE: [PSP] Resume help

    Janet Raiffa redid my resume and I could not be more pleased. She will do a great job for you.