Renu Blankinship - Makermint
Renu Blankinship - Makermint


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  • Recommending Makermint for birthday parties

    I recently had Renu Blankinship of Makermint (instagram: "@makermint") help me throw my daughter a princess tea party for her fifth birthday. Everything went so well that I wanted to recommend her to other parents. My daughter came up with the theme and upon informing Renu, she instantly had 5-6 ideas of what we could do at the birthday party (of which, we narrowed down together). She helped me select a few items to buy for the party with the insight only someone who really understands children has. For example, I selected a plastic tea party set and she said, "The kids are going to love the "chin-chin" noise of a real teacup and saucer so much more." And she was right! I wouldn't have thought 12 5-year-olds could handle porcelain but they did wonderfully and they so enjoyed the real teacups. (And porcelain tea sets on amazon were really quite affordable - this was not fine china by any means). Renu came up with the full plan for a two-hour party, got here early to help set up and stayed after to clean up. She had one assistant who helped the girls with their art-n-crafts, led the dance party and helped serve food and cake. I have many photos and videos of the party if you want to see or you can always check out her instagram. It was a real pleasure to work with Renu and I highly recommend her if you are tired of the same old, same old birthday parties. She will 100% customize the experience to your child's tastes/interests. My daughter was legit beaming throughout the two hours and has already requested Renu come back for next year's birthday.