Regina Bakery
Regina Bakery


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Reviews (6)

  • Birthday cupcakes?

    We usually do Regina Bakery on Prospect Park West.
  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    We ordered our cake from Regina's. The cake was AMAZING! They did an awesome disney cars themed cake for us and it looked and tasted great, and for a great price. Only downside was it turned everyone's poop bright blue!! oops!
  • Local bakery for holiday cookie trays?

    Regina Bakery on Prospect Ave and PPW has delicious cookies (and everything else). I’m sure they do trays.
  • Cookies

    Regina Bakery on Prospect Ave in Windsor Terrace makes outstanding assorted Italian cookies sold by the pound. My 3yr old is a huge fan. They have like 40 varieties to choose from. Everything from butter cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles to lace cookies. Old family-owned business. Check them out either way!
  • Themed Cupcakes

    Family owned Regina’s bakery on Prospect Ave right off PPW (close to windsor terrace ) is great for any cakes or themed anything-And they always have a HUGE selection of holiday and seasonally themed fresh baked cookies. Also they are the nicest family! Highly recommend! If you want to order I would call ahead, obviously but check it out so you can see what they do. The whole shop is Halloween themed right now. And makes the neighborhood smell Soooo good!
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    Cake was only so so, and they spelled our sons name incorrectly.