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Red Moon Wellness


Owned by fellow Park Slope Parent, Lena DeGloma, Red Moon Wellness has been the most trusted massage therapy and wellness center in the neighborhood for over a decade. Located conveniently in the center of the Slope on 5th Ave, Red Moon's newly renovated space is beautiful and restorative. We offer expert therapeutic massage & bodywork; herbal medicine & nutrition consultation; and childbirth services including classes & private consultations. Our team of highly skilled LMTs & wellness experts provide individualized massage for your every need, including: the perinatal period, from natural birth prep to cesarean scar healing; Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy; therapeutic breast massage; deep tissue massage and myofascial release for people of all genders; sinus relief treatments; CBD oil massage and much more. We are open 7 days per week. Check out our website for more information, online booking, packages, and gift certificates.

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Reviews (55)

  • Recommendation for massage therapist

    I go to Red Moon Wellness in park slope. I saw 2 different therapists there and was very happy. They have various specialties, but I went for prenatal and then postnatal massage. I had a lot of sore muscles and they help alleviate and even showed me stretches.
  • Recommendation for massage therapist

    Red Moon Wellness on 5th Ave is awesome. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their massage therapists.
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    Post-natal massage @ Red Moon Wellness: highly recommend!
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    Red Moon Wellness for prenatal massage saved me during those last few extremely uncomfortable weeks. They specialize in prenatal and postpartum massage, and everyone I saw there was fantastic.
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    Anyone else: Red Moon Wellness prenatal massage at 39 weeks was the best thing ever.
  • Looking for a Good Massage Place in Park Slope

    LOVE Red Moon Wellness! They know how to take care of Moms :)
  • Seeking Local Massage Spots/Recommendations

    I’ve been to Red Moon Wellness several times during COVID and they’ve been great with COVID protocols. I’ve never had a bad massage there either.
  • Pre-Natal Massage

    I went to Red Moon massage therapy in Park Slope, which was recommended by my doula. I can’t say enough fabulous things about them. They were taking many COVID precautions and I walked out feeling the best a person could feel when you’re already a week past your due date. Also helped with baby alignment for the birth. I highly recommend them! Lauren
  • ISO: postpartum massage therapist

    Every massage therapist I've seen at Red Moon Wellness is amazing. I'd highly recommend for postpartum massage. They also take COVID very seriously and have taken as many precautions as they can since reopening.
  • Shout out to Red Moon Wellness

    I just had a ‘birth prep’ massage treatment at Red Moon Wellness and it was incredible. The practitioner, Noriko is an intuitive healer. I feel relaxed, balanced and restored. The property is clean, luxurious and serene. The front desk is professional and prepared. The staff & office take the covid restrictions / protocols seriously while maintaining serenity. I can’t recommend enough. Support this local business
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Redmoon Wellness prenatal massages are amazing!
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    I’d also recommend a pre-natal massage at Red Moon Wellness, which is taking especially extensive precautions during COVID.
  • Acupuncturist Recommendations in Park Slope?

    Redmoon Wellness was recommended by my doula and is great for prenatal acupuncture and massage. They recently moved to a bigger facility reopening next week, post-covid.
  • Where to go for a massage

    I went for a massage at Red Moon Wellness recently and really enjoyed it. There was a hepa filter in the room. I wore a mask and the therapist wore a mask and a face shield. They also did the usual hand sanitizer and temperature check upon arrival.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Highly recommended. Took the childbirth and newborn classes over Zoom. Lena is incredibly knowledgable about labor, delivery, and postpartum care. She's also a wealth of information when it comes to navigating NYC midwives, OBs, doulas, hospitals, birth centers, etc. Knows her material and is a great teacher.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Perfect content for preparing for any birth, but especially home birth.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    We did some chiropractic work at flower of life and massage at red moon wellness. Massage was amazing.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Noriko Yoshida-Dubins, prenatal massage therapist at Red Moon Wellness. I went to Noriko three times during my pregnancy. She's a great listener and has a calming energy. She seemed to know exactly how to release the tension and discomfort from my body.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Prenatal massage at Redmoon Wellness- the massage therapists at Redmoon Wellness are exceptional and extremely skilled at prenatal massage. I was so sad when they had to pause services due to COVID but cannot wait for them to reopen to go for a postpartum massage.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    BIRTHING CLASS: Holistic baby care class with Lena from Red Moon Wellness - Really interesting class. We did the newborn care instead of the childbirth class but Lena knows her stuff and it’s great if you want to take a natural approach
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    prenatal massage at Red Moon Wellness with Kari Schmitt LMT - I had a few prenatal massages with her in my 3rd trimester and they were great! I got a massage at my gym early in my 2nd trimester that was not worth the cost, & wish I had booked one with Red Moon Wellness earlier. My job involved lots of typing and trudging around the city with a heavy backpack, and Kari's massages brought relief from pain in piriformis area, wrist, & back.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Birthing class - Lena was the instructor. It was a lot of information crammed into an intense few days. The content was great and I was really happy to have had that information. I found it hard to sit still for that long especially because I was very pregnant and it was really hot and sticky that summer. But if you are someone who likes to have all of the information to feel calmer, this is a great course.
  • prenatal massage recommendations

    Everyone I've seen at Red Moon Wellness on 5th Ave. has been great.
  • Recommendations for a Pre-Natal Massage

    Red Moon Wellness was really amazing both before and after my birth. (They let you bring your baby with you!) It’s owned by a doula, and I’ve seen multiple people there and each has been really wonderful and compassionate (I had a difficult birth experience.)
  • Re: [PSP] ISO: massage recommendation

    Lena at Red Moon Wellness gave me the best massage I've ever had. (She also jumpstarted my recent labor with acupressure and cupping.) As soon as I'm cleared by my doc to get a massage, I'll be back for another massage. If you go, please tell her I sent you. I have no affiliation with Lena; I'm just a very happy customer.
  • Pregnancy massage recommends locally please!

    The 40+ week massage at sage is amazing and I swear it made me go into labor as I was contracting during the massage!
  • What a treat!

    It was a refreshing and relaxing experience.
  • Great Prenatal Massage

    I went here for a prenatal massage- it was great. The spa is very nicely decorated and relaxing, and the massage was perfect, very attentive to my stage of pregnancy and what was going on with my body at the time.
  • Highly recommended prenatal massage

    I’ve seen Kari at Red Moon Wellness since my first pregnancy and she’s awesome!
  • Yoga for pregnancy

    I MUST recommend prenatal massages at Red Moon Wellness for aches and pains and general well being. I've been seeing a massage therapist named Burcu, but I'm sure they're all great.
  • Face down prenatal massage?

    actually did not prefer it (still felt too much pressure on my bump for comfort). I loved my side lying massages with Kari at Red Moon Wellness. Very knowledgeable in prenatal massage and just as good (if not better!) than prior traditional massages. No frills space.
  • 2018 Review

    Red Moon Wellness in Park Slope! Lena DeGloma and her team are amazing, and she’s a Park Slope Parent too.
  • 2018 Review

    Red Moon Wellness on President Street is wonderful!
  • Prenatal Massage Recommendations

    Red Moon Wellness is wonderful for prenatal (and all) massage! It’s run by Lena DeGloma, who is also a PSP member, a doula, and an excellent childbirth educator (consider her childbirth class at Bend and Bloom, if you’re looking for one - I loved it!). I’m guessing you’ll get this recommendation from others too. :)
  • Review submitted via the Park Slope Parents 2017 Birth Survey

    Massage at Red Mood Doula in Park Slope! Based on an October 2017 birth
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    Pre and post-natal massage at Red Moon Wellness were great and worth every penny! Based on a June 2017 birthing experience
  • [September2017babies] Prenatal massage recs

    I had a nice massage at Sage on 5th Ave and 7th St a couple months back!
  • Recommendations for Pre-Natal Massage in Brooklyn?

    Lena DeGloma at Red Moon Massage. 5th and President. Amazing!
  • Pregnancy massage recommends locally please!

    Red Moon Wellness on President and 5th is great for pregnancy and postpartum (you can bring the baby!).
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Pre-natal massage therapist - Lena at Red Moon Wellness - INCREDIBLE for easing sore back at week 39! OMG she was a dream. She knows exactly how to massage a pregnant lady - every other prenatal massage I got was terrible because they would basically not even massage you out of fear of hurting you or baby. Being a doula, Lena knows exactly what to do and where to focus, and she is just so skilled and I felt so much better after leaving. can't say enough good things! Based on April 2016 Birth Experience
  • ISO: prenatal massage in PS

    I highly recommend Sage Spa on 5th Ave and 7th St. (Review submitted May 2016)
  • Birth Survey 2012

    Review Date: April 2012 REVIEW: I got a fantastic "labor inducing" massage from Mariko at Sage Spa the day after my due date. I dont think it induced labor, asI still apparently had a few days to go, but the massage was fantastic. In addition to feeling great, she did a lovely job of helping me to connect to the baby inside of me and relax (work on breathing and mindlfulness) despite the stress of being overdue. INSURANCE ISSUES: nope!
  • (Jan 2011)

    I go to Lena Posner at Red Moon Massage Therapy... she is great. She really knows what she is doing and takes the time to find out what you really need. I always leave feeling so much better.
  • Pre-natal massage

    Just a few weeks ago I went to Lena Posner. Her company is Red Moon Massage, though she operates out of the Park Slope Chiropractic center. The work she did was excellent. I'd been having some pretty intense middle back pain and this helped a lot. I also noticed that some of the swelling in my feet subsided after this. However, the facility out of which she operates leaves something to be desired. The walls separating her room from the chiropractic rooms are those temporary walls that don't go up all the way to the ceiling, so you hear all of the grunting and moaning of the person getting adjustments next door, and the conversations of everyone in the office, which just wasn't very soothing. Nonetheless, her prices are very reasonable and her work is solid. NOTE: Red Moon Massage Therapy & Doula Care has since moved out of the chiropractic center. It no has its own private space.
  • Spas for pregnancy

    Sage spa is also supposed to be good for prenatal massages, although I haven't tried one there yet. I've done regular massages there though and like them.
  • Sage Spa

    I went to Sage also for a pre-natal massage, but I think I will be going back there again for more and more treats! One of the things I've noticed is that the staff at Sage like to work there, and this tells me a lot. The therapist was very attentive, and effective, and the environment was very relaxing. I 've tried several spas in Brooklyn, but this was is definitely a winner.
  • Excellent Prenatal Massage

    I went to Sage for a prenatal massage and Nicole was my massage therapist. I felt taller and lighter when I left and will definitely be going back again. Nicole listened to my needs and gave a very thorough and intuitive massage. I highly recommend her for prenatal massage! I do wish the lighting in the room could have been more dim...the blinds allowed a lot of sunlight in and I prefer a darker room. Another preference would be that they remove the oils they use with hot towels afterwards but these are small complaints and overall it was fantastic.
  • Re: ISO: prenatal massage in PS

    Sage Spa! I've tried prenatal massages at a few places.around the city and this is by far my favorite.
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    I was gifted a prenatal massage at Sage Spa that was incredible. I never fall asleep during massages and I did here. Highly recommend it for mamas in their last few weeks.
  • Sage Spa

    I had a couple nice prenatal massage at Sage spa on 5th ave (and I think 7th street). They also do induction pressure point massage when the time is right. Check out the midweek special on the website.
  • Prenatal Massage Recommendations

    Noriko at Sage Spa on 5th at 7th st is amazing!!
  • Prenatal Massage in Park Slope?

    I went to sage spa in the last week before my first-they have a massage to induce labor! It didn't work for me but it was a good massage :)
  • rec for massage after running marathon

    Sage Spa on 5th Avenue has some of the best massages in the hood in my opinion. Good luck with the running !
  • (Recommended 2/10)

    I went to Sage early on in the pregnancy, before the aches and pains really kicked in. Little did I know what I was in for during the third trimester. I liked the facilities and my massage therapist, who's name I can't remember, was excellent.
  • (Recommended 04/09)

    I went to Sage on 5th Ave in Brooklyn and they have all the fancy pillows and what not there too. It was great. I saw a few different therapists and they were all terrific.