Rebecca Koyf IBCLC
Rebecca Koyf IBCLC


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Reviews (4)

  • Review from the Summer 2022 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? March 2022 Review: Rebecca is amazing! It was night and day after her visit, and she is so caring and responsive!
  • In-person IBCLC?

    I used Rebecca Koyf. She came to my house and was super helpful.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Both were excellent and highly recommended!
  • 2018 Review

    I reached out to for help only days after bringing my daughter home. Within an hour they matched me up with Rebecca Koyf, IBCLC, who was extremely helpful, patient, warm and caring. She came over the same day I contacted Boober and stayed for a few hours. During her visit she also showed me how to use my pump (I have the Spectra S1 and find it very easy to use and clean) and gave advice about how to pump when I go back to work. Rebecca charged $375 (not sure if that is standard? But I had a very difficult start and was willing to pay just about anything when I was in a lot of pain and needed help!) and she provided a receipt so I could submit a claim to insurance. She continues to be a helpful resource nearly 4 months later for any questions that come up about breastfeeding in general, pumping, supply questions, etc.