Ranjan Ginde, D.O.
Ranjan Ginde, D.O.


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Reviews (2)

  • Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews Adult Health, Mental Health & Healing Reviews from 2018

    I saw Dr. Ginde for the first time this year for a physical. He looks young but has been working as a general internist for a number of years. He was very kind and attentive. I found him knowledgeable and responsive to my concerns. He discussed a bit about diet and exercise, but he’s def a mainstream doctor. Overall I’d say he is a reasonable physician, responsive to calls and emails, and has a very pleasant bedside manner. I have Cigna. He takes this insurance. I didn’t have to file any claims.
  • ISO primary care doctor

    I started going to Dr. Ginde at Cornell Primary care in Brooklyn Heights. He’s very nice and attentive. Dr. Ginde Office number: (646) 962-4600 Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care 186 Joralemon St, 12th Fl Brooklyn NY 11201