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Rainbow Palace Daycare


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Reviews (4)

  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: Carroll St and Hicks, Carroll Gardens Type of facility: Daycare Review: We have had a wonderful experience with Rainbow Palace. We signed up before COVID, but even since, I am thankful we chose there. We really decided on them because of how warm Kate and her husband are, I feel like they radiate how much they love children. They're also more economical than most of the other places we toured pre-COVID. My daughter shrieks of joy every morning when she sees their caregivers. They have been extremely accommodating for any and all shifts in our nap and feeding schedules as she's grown, they're not rigid at all which I really appreciate. The only things I'd say are different than other places is that they are not 'techy' and don't have an app. But they send us pictures and videos of their different 'classes' during the day, as well as outdoor time. So we don't have an insane amount of info of Charlotte's move every single day that comes along with an app, but honestly I don't mind and it's less for me to worry about :) She is super happy and healthy so all is well. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything? I would like to know a bit more about how much she ate / if she pooped each day. But also sometimes it's better to have less data than more :) Is there anything you would like to add about how the school is handling the pandemic? They're doing great. Negative PCR and kids are allowed to come back, so no 10-day shutdowns. They've been smart and cautious but also reasonable which is ideal.
  • Review from the Fall 2021 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Type of facility: Daycare Review: We had a Pandemic Baby (born July 2020) but were fortunate enough to have started our daycare search in Feb 2020, right before things shut down, so we saw Rainbow Palace in person. I don't know if they're doing in-person tours anymore because of the pandemic. We picked it because the place was clean and bright and the kids seemed happy. I'm so glad we we did because our daughter loves it. Our daughter started daycare there at 8 months old in March 2021. At the time she was one of six babies, although now I think they're back up to full capacity. Rainbow Palace is small and we liked the warm, inviting atmosphere. It's run by a woman named Ketevan (Kate) whose son attends the Carroll St. location. Kate's sister Gwen oversees the 3rd Pl. one. Every morning when we drop our daughter off she squeals with joy as Gwen or one of the other caretakers picks her up. They have yoga, Spanish, and music classes. They send photos/videos throughout the day. For babies under one year old they provide a written schedule of everything your baby did that day (naps, diapers, etc.) but unless you request otherwise they stop doing that at 1 year. At first I didn't like that but then I realized that they're actually removing a huge chunk of the mental load for me. They tell me if I need to know something. Otherwise, I don't have to worry about it. My favorite thing about Rainbow Palace is that they will put your baby on whatever schedule you ask for. They don't force infants to all be on the same schedule. As my daughter has gotten older she's gradually moved onto the one-nap-a-day schedule at the same time as the older kids, but it was never forced on her. And if she doesn't like the food they offer for lunch they make her something special. It's hard to find that kind of personal care at a Brooklyn daycare. We're very happy with the place. What amenities does the facility provide? Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? The owner and caretakers are all from the country of Georgia and English is not their first language. It can make verbal communication a little difficult (especially in masks) but as long as you're willing to say things a couple times it's not a problem. Texting and written instructions have never been an issue. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? The caretakers are all in masks, to the point where I haven't even seen the bottom half of their faces. As far as we know they have not had a Covid outbreak since we've been there, so March 2021. They're quite strict on Covid protocols and all the staff are vaccinated. If a child has a fever they're sent home immediately and asked not to return until they've been fever-free for 72 hours.
  • Carroll Gardens Daycare Recs?

    My daughter (4 years old now) was at Rainbow Palace until she turned three. We loved it. They have two locations in Carroll Gardens
  • Flexible Daycare Options in Cobble Hill?

    We have had our daughter from 9-4p (part-time) at Rainbow Palace on Columbia St for over 5 months now, and we are really happy. They are very flexible on all of her scheduling, and always are willing to work with us to figure out best nap times for HER, not what is easiest for them. I can message more if you need! They don't serve food until 1 year, but I think you'll be fine for a 14 month old.