Rachel Garrett
Rachel Garrett


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Reviews (3)

  • Career coach

    I worked with Rachel Garrett and I would definitely describe her professional coaching practice as transformational. Her approach is holistic in the best sense - a mix of pragmatic strategy and concrete career guidance with a keen eye toward your personal and emotional well-being. I highly recommend her services. You can check out her website at and reach her at (September 2019)
  • ISO specialized career coach

    I'm an executive coach and although I have many introverted clients, that is not my specialty. She may want to speak to fellow friend, colleague, PSP mom, and amazing coach, Rachel Garett:
  • Shout Out for my Coach - Rachel Garrett

    Just want to give a big shout out to my Coach, Rachel Garrett whose coaching has been a truly life changing experience. After 17 years in one field and the past three years at home with my now four year old son, Rachel is guiding mytransition back to work. There was an ease to our conversation from our first meeting because she just gets it - that at this time in my life (mid 40’s) I am looking for a work life that taps into my creativity and is flexible enough to provide time with my son. Rachel really listens and gaveme assignments that helped me identify what I value and enjoy doing, not just what will bring home a paycheck from an unfulfilling position. And yes, it is possible to do what you love! It’s all about identifying your inner blocks that stop you from reaching your dreams. Rachel’s coaching has helped me identify and knock down the doors that have prevented me from starting my own business. I now see so many paths ahead that I had not thought possible.