R&D Foods
R&D Foods


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Reviews (5)

  • Where to order Thanksgiving food

    R&D Foods on Vanderbilt. Was very successful for us last year!
  • Where to order Thanksgiving food

    I like Brooklyn Larder and R&D foods.
  • Delivery recommendations for prepared side dishes

    I know R&D Foods has been open for part of each week for both contactless pickup and delivery depending on location. Even my pickier eater never tried anything from them she didn't like!
  • Catering Recs?

    I'd like to add R&D Foods on Vanderbilt! Ilene & Sara are wonderful. The food that comes out of their kitchen manages to be both unpretentious and nuanced and spirited. We absolutely love them -- their brunch frittatas are out of this world! (October 2019)
  • Where to get fresh latkes?

    R&D Foods on Vanderbilt!