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Reviews (10)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Quetzal was recommended by our pediatrician. She came for one home visit and was knowledgeable but it felt a bit rushed. It was expensive but I figured it’d be worth it. She did one phone follow up after but communication was rough as I had trouble with her answering my emails.
  • Lactation consultant

    We also did a home visit with the LC recommended by Tribeca Pediatrics, Quetzal Currie. It was helpful to have her come over to look at breastfeeding in our home but also to do a weight check to see how much milk was transferring to the baby through breastfeeding. Our insurance covered the visit but there was an additional non reimbursable charge to make the visit in person, but I was worth it. She was very safe and I don’t think a virtual visit would have worked for us.
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    Quetzal turned things around for my baby and I. She was a patient, down-to-earth teacher; I felt that she sensed my general anxiety around nursing and made a real effort to put my mind & body at ease. We didn't spend more than 2 hours together but the techniques that she taught me proved invaluable.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    She did one home visit and was very helpful.
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    I had flat nipples so my son wasn't latching properly and was losing weight. We has her come our first day home. On the positive side, she was very responsive. She was at our home in fort Greene within an hour of is reaching out to her. Her visit was very helpful. In 45 minutes she taught me how to do the football hold, use my pump, massage my breasts to maximize expression and weighed my son so we knew what he eat (3 oz!!). On the negative side, it took her over a day to respond to a follow-up email I sent her (which is a really long time during early nursing days) and want clear about what was included in her visit fee ($300). In short, she was very helpful during the visit, but other problems arose (as I later learned are common for women with flat nipples) so I fell she could have done a better job at setting expectations. Member notes about insurance: Based on a January 2016 birthing experience
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Credentials: Lactation Consultant with Tribeca Pediatrics Review: Had her come for a home visit. Was definitely worth it to have someone come help. She has a no nonsense approach--quickly gave practical advice and was on her way. Wish I had made a longer list of questions for her before she came. She was helpful. Insurance: Had her come for a home visit. Was definitely worth it to have someone come help. She has a no nonsense approach--quickly gave practical advice and was on her way. Wish I had made a longer list of questions for her before she came. She was helpful. Based on a 2015 birth
  • Review for lactation consultant

    Quetzal Currie was a lifesaver! After our son was born and my milk was slow to come in, he was having trouble latching and wasn't getting enough to eat. He was dropping weight rapidly and as new parents my husband and I didn't know this until she came for a consultation and weighed him. As a new mother I was frustrated and sleep deprived and I didn't know what I was doing. Quetzal immediately got us on a rigorous feeding schedule where I pumped after every feeding to increase my milk supply and we supplemented with formula. Within a couple of weeks [my son] was back up to a healthy weight and we were so relieved. She was extremely responsive throughout the entire process, checked in on us and answered all of our many questions via phone and email. We felt that our money was well spent and I may have given up on breastfeeding if I hadn't worked with her. Not only did she help me in the early weeks, but breastfeeding is a constant struggle. At about 2 months I had no idea how much milk [my son] was getting and I was estimating based on how long he nursed for. I went to one of Quetzal's breastfeeding clinics and she weighed him before and after a feeding and I realized that I was over feeding him! She again had great tips and answered all of my questions on feed schedules, transitioning back to work and how to stretch him for night feedings. I would highly recommend consulting with Quetzal if you're having problems with breast feeding.
  • Review for lactation consultant

    I would like to review Quetzal Currie, Lactation Consultant with Tribeca Pediatrics I recently used Quetzal Currie who works for Tribeca Pediatrics. A few days after giving birth, my daughter lost a lot of weight and the doctors recommended supplementation. She started refusing the breast and I was very conceded that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed. Quetzal was wonderful and helped us tremendously. She visited us twice and put a plan in place that worked! Within a week, we were back in the breast and were able to supplement just with breastmilk. Within less than two weeks, we fully back on the breast, no supplementation needed and with adequate weight gain. Quetzal is patient, responsive, knowledgeable and calm. It was great working with her and highly recommend her.
  • Quetzal Currie, Lactation Consultant Review

    Quetzal was a godsend during my rough start at breastfeeding. I had multiple issues- 8 days postpartum with low milk production, and a baby with a weak latch that was refusing the breast after introduction to fast flow nipples during a 2 day emergency hospital stay for dehydration and jaundice. I was in panic mode, exhausted, and ridden with guilt that my poor daughter was struggling and hungry. Lactation consultants during both our hospital stays had tried to address my issues but had only overwhelmed and confused me. Quetzal quickly calmed us all down, gave us a pep talk and set up a plan...and it worked! 6 months later I am still breastfeeding and have a strong and healthy baby. I am so grateful to have had her guidance and support, and highly recommend her in home services as well as weekly support groups.
  • Summary: RE: Lactation consultant

    I ended up having Quetzal Currie, who works with Tribeca Pediatrics, come for a home visit and she was very helpful.