Queens County Farm (Pumpkin)
Queens County Farm (Pumpkin)


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  • q: Pumpkin patch with all the extras

    we went for night corn maze last year. Fun for kids if you go early in the evening. Later in the evening the crowd is much older.
  • Re: pumpkin patch / apple picking accessible by public transportation?

    i went with my son and a friend to the queens farm a few weekends ago. admittedly, i was skeptical, but it was WONDERFUL--and surprisingly much less commercial and more intimate than farms i had been to in new jersey. no apple picking though--only pumpkins.
  • Re: pumpkin patch / apple picking accessible by public transportation?

    It's a bit of a trek, but the Queens County Farm Museum is lovely. Don't know if there is apple picking (well, not formally, but there are plenty of apple trees on the grounds that are accessible). The pumpkin patch is open for wandering every day, but you can only buy from the patch on weekends. Otherwise, you can buy pumpkins in the gift shop. Lots of other things to do (again, some only available on weekends), like a corn maze, hayrides, and a petting zoo. We went last weekend with our 3 year old and were glad we got there early in the day. By 1pm it got very crowded. Get the E train all the way out to Kew Gardens then take a bus on Union Turnpike for about 30-40 minutes.
  • Re: pumpkin patch / apple picking accessible by public transportation?

    Queens farm is within the city. Check metro north/mta website for ideas - was at a client near Poughkeepsie and one guy said he had people walking past his house from the train to farms... Not sure where he lives tho, but on the Hudson line most likely.
  • Re: Pumpkin Patches

    I can't tout it enough -- Go to the queens county farm! It's in Eastern Queens -- 35 minute drive with no traffic -- pretty easy street parking. It is a huge, real, working, historic farm. Pick a pumpkin, take a hayride, try the corn maze (with older kids), buy some produce they grow on the farm. It's a great day and all the more cool that it's within the city limits. if you go this weekend, you might see me there!