Provini (Park Slope - South)
Provini (Park Slope - South)


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  • Provini

    Provini on 8th Ave. and 13th St. is open for takeout and delivery from 5:00-9:00pm every day. If anyone is looking for a delicious dinner, I highly recommend it.
  • Italian Restaurants

    Provini on 8th Ave is our favorite spot! The food is fantastic, great wine list and the staff are some of the kindest people around. I would highly suggest it. *i do want to point out, just in case: they don't have mixed drinks/ liquor as they are right across from an elementary school.... But you really can't go wrong with their wine selection (and they have beer too)
  • Re: [PSP] ISO Kid-Friendly Brunch in South Slope

    Provini, Italian on 14/6 ave, amazing brunch and very very kid friendly
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