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Prospect Park Zoo


Birthdays with the Wildlife Conservation Society couldn't get more WILD! Whether you are turning three or thirty years old, the zoo is a great place to celebrate your special day. All five zoos and aquariums  of NYC offer different options for birthday parties, so feel free to explore them all at

For Prospect Park Zoo parties, email your personal party coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 718-399-7339 Ext. 327 for more information. 

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  • Prospect Park Zoo Birthday Experiences

    Hi there - we just had our son‘s third birthday at the Prospect Park Zoo in May and it was mostly indoors! They come with three animals to show the kids to feel and learn fun facts about the animals. We then had sandwiches and cake. All of the party took place in the discovery center with the exception of the barn visit to feed the goats/sheep/pigs. That was a short 3 min walk from the discovery center where the party is held and took about 15-20 minutes of 2hr party. This can be shorter if it happens to be cold or snowy in December. The kids seemed to really enjoy every part of the party experience. The park ambassadors could be more informed as they couldn’t answer some questions like how big can the snake grow but it wasn’t a big deal. It ended up raining right when the party was ending so we couldn’t take advantage of being at the zoo to walk around but it is definitely an option! The zoo is small enough and has three other indoor exhibits just steps away from the discovery center that are fun (the baboons is one of them).
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 4 Venue Review: This was the perfect party for my son, who loves animals. Very hands-on, organized, and I like that you can pick among different animals/ activities for the kids. There were a number of older siblings at our party , too, in the 6-7 range, and these kids were plenty engaged and entertained, too.
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    We had our son's 3rd birthday at the Prospect Park zoo. It was fantastic, and super easy for us. They do everything, expect provide the cake, drinks and plates. Otherwise, everything else was taken care of including the decorations. AND, the kids got to pet live animals. Everyone had a great time.
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2012

    LIKES: Animals What you'd change: Nothing Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Highly Recommend
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2012

    Name of Party: Sea Lion Party Address: LIKES: They have two party rooms there that can be opened up to one large room. We paid extra to have the larger room because we were just over the size limit for the smaller room, and so it was very spacious. The party was very tightly run by the zoo staff. We didn't have to do anything except hand out cake. What you'd change: The party was well run and the kids loved it, there were plenty of activities to fill the time, but it was a little on the "low-key" side. Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Recommend
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    My son and I went to a third birthday party at Prospect Park Zoo, and it was terrific. They bring in a couple of animals that the kids get to pet and learn about, and they provide some art activities as well. It's in a sizable room, and you can bring in your own food. The party we went into was in the fall and so included a little excursion over to the petting zoo; not sure what they do in cold weather but even in winter a little outdoor jaunt is usually do-able. Guests can hang out at the zoo after the party; admission is included in the rental.