Prospect Kids Academy Summer Camp
Prospect Kids Academy Summer Camp



Prospect Kids Academy Summer Camp consists of a eight week program that involves weekly themes such as Sea Week, Puppet Week, Space & Discovery Week and Nature Week. The program runs from the last week of June through the third week of August. Please call for more information. 718 788 7727

Reviews (14)

  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Park Slope How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 3/4 Review: We had higher expectations for this summer camp. Unfortunately a few of the field trips that were planned to the more exciting places for children this age were cancelled due to weather and never rescheduled (Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Aquarium). Children were mostly taken to the sprinklers at playgrounds in the neighborhood, and for one of their last Fridays together were taken to the cemetery to visit Basquiat's grave instead of one of the field trips advertised. We felt our priorities were misaligned for a summer camp experience we were expecting. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? If children are not taken on one of the fields trips due to weather, it would have been nice to have at least one of these rescheduled as our child was very much looking forward to them. This did not feel like a summer program as much as a continuation of the school year, with some trips to the playground. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? One child contacted COVID during the summer; we were asked for proof of a negative rapid test to return unless your child had any symptoms, and then an in-office PCR test was preferred/required. We were notified on a Saturday, and this left a couple parents scrambling over the weekend as children often have runny noses at this age. This may be standard practice but I don't believe the PCR test is a requirement for most summer programs.
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect Ave How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 2 years old Review: Our son really loved camp. He woke up most mornings asking to go to school. My son had been in daycare prior to PKA and never seemed quite as excited as he was to go to camp this summer. He could name some of his friends and a couple teachers. We had a schedule so we knew what they were doing each day and when we asked if he had fun he would tell us about his day in the small vocabulary he has. We had to do early drop off (8am) every morning and for half the summer he was the only kid there from 8-9, but the teachers always made sure it didn’t feel that way and would play with him just the same. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? The communication between administration and the families was a little chaotic at times, and we lost a few clothing items. But the most important thing to us was that the staff is sweet and very good with the kids and our kid really loved it, learned a lot about himself and how to interact with “big kids” and was excited to go back for pre-school in the fall Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? There was one case of COVID while we were there and we thought it was handled very well.
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: South slope How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 2 & 4 Review: The kids were very happy there and we all loved Sharon. She has a focus on art and teaches kids about specific artists before taking them to see their works at the Brooklyn Museum. My sons came home talking about paintings and singing about kindness. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? We were happy there
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: 341 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 3 Review: It was great! The kids spent good time in sprinklers, stayed cool, planted things, took field trips, learned something different every week. Creative, enjoyable, educational. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing!
  • Looking for summer camp for 3 years old boy

    Our daughter's preschool, Prospect Kids Academy, also offers a wonderful summer camp. They have extended hours and it is 5 days a week.
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: 532 St. Johns Place How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 4 Review: My daughter loved the PKA summer camp! Different themes each week ranging from cooking, pop art, the Olympics, and more. The staff is lovely and the administration is very responsive. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing!
  • Day Camps

    Prospect Kids Academy has a great summer program. The kids are out and about all day long and I absolutely love the teachers and staff there. The director is Quin Marino: Fingers crossed for a relatively normal-ish Summer Camp season for the kiddos!
  • Summer Camp recommendations

    Our son attended Prospect Kids Academy last year, including the summer program. He really had an excellent experience at the school overall. The teachers are caring, energetic, kind, and do a great job of fostering a fun, safe environment where kids can explore and learn. Summer there is lots of free play and time outside with some trips and projects (the school year has units of study led by the kids' interests, and more academic content). Definitely recommended.
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    An intimate, creative camp. Sharon, the head teacher/counselor is incredible. She follows the kids ideas and inquiries into unusual, fascinating areas of discussion. They explore outdoors extensively. She has a creative mind that exposes kids to information and experiences they do not usually encounter. If you could change anything, what would it be? Communication by the administration is difficult and unfriendly. It would be nice to have an administration that has your kid's back when you can't be in touch with teachers. Age of child: 4 Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    My daughter seems to like it, and since she goes to school there during the year, is comfortable and familiar. She loved when they made tie-dye shirts and face painting. While I like all the teachers, I don't think their camp curriculum makes sense for 2 - 3 year olds. They go on various trips (if the child is under 3 a parent/guardian MUST attend which means taking time off work) that in my opinion are way too far for small children to have to walk/take the subway or bus to. These young children are walking in the heat significant distances to get to a playground or park that while nice, is still just a playground or park. My daughter has gotten hot and tired and needed to be carried at various times on these "trips". If they had a designation van/bus to pick the kids up from camp, drive them to the destination, and then pick them up, it would be fine. The camp is a 12 minute walk to Prospect Park so I would rather they plan fun outdoor games/activities there (face painting, kick ball, relay races, picnics, or any of the playgrounds there). Going on farther longer trips for little kids that don't have direct transportation (they mostly use the subway or bus with extensive walking) doesn't make sense. They also are not making specific stops for a snack or water breaks, and expect these kids to wait quite a while for lunch at age 2 - 3. If you could change anything, what would it be? See above Age of child: 2.5 Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    Our daughter went to PKA for the school year so camp was an easy transition and there were new friends that came just for camp. What we really liked about it was 1) every day they got to play in the sprinklers 2) once a week they went on a field trip (to Battery Park, to the Central Park zoo, etc) 3) they had special camp activities like tie-dying and treasure hunts. She had a blast. Age of child: 3 Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • Review Prospect Kids Academy Summer Camp

    I highly reccomend this amazing summer camp! My girls have been fortunate enough to spend their summers at PKA summer camp! The Summer Camp Club takes the kids out on adventures daily with many great and fun trips both locally and around the City, with trips being at least once or twice a week. Last summer they went to the Imagination Playground in southstreet seaport, the highline, the Audobon Center, and other fun places that were not super far to travel to. The trips were always a big hit but the local time they spent around Park Slope was equally fun. They played all different sports in Prospect Park (soccer, softball etc.), visited a variety of local playgrounds for sprinkler time, had potato sack races, bbqs in the park, face painting, explored nature in the park, treasure hunts, and frequent picnics. They had many fun themed days that my kids really looked forward to - top chef day, tie dye shirt day, crazy hat day. The morning started and the afternoon always ended in PKA's air conditioned space, with cubby's for each child, and everything a pre-school environment should have -- to name a few - numerous books, blocks, tons of art supplies, play kitchen, age appropriate toys, a water and sand table, a tent, pets, and all different types of engaging learning materials. The camp is staffed by the same incredible teachers/directors that run the preschool so there is totally reliable, responsible adult supervision and an extremely warm and loving environment for the kids. It was an amazing summer and my girls are already talking about the PKA Summer Camp Club for this coming summer!
  • Review

    I highly recommend Prospect Kids Academy summer camp. It is an amazing pre-school that also has a wonderful 8 week day camp. My kids have spent 3 fun-filled summers at PKA camp. They spent their days at the park, getting soaked in the sprinklers, taking day trips around brooklyn, having tons of picnics, playing all different sports in the park, and so much more. To escape the summer heat, they also spent time in their well stocked, air conditioned space, doing creative, fun and engaging indoor activities. The teachers are the same as during the school year and they are the warmest, most caring, responsible, dedicated, and all around amazing individuals. While the past summers at PKA have been great, I have recently been told by the owners that this summer will be even more incredible, with tons of new trips and outings planned, and for the first time they are open to neighborhood kids ages 2 - 6 that are not current PKA students. I can't say enough great things about PKA and we are already looking forward to another fun summer.
  • 2012 Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Prospect kids academy summer camp Prospect Ave btw Jackson & Webster Day Care or Sleep Away-- Day camp Program: Age of Child: 3 Likes: Playground everyday What would you change? More different activities. They claimed there would be trips and there were none. Would you send your child(ren) again? No Do you recommend? Recommend with reservations Do you have any other information to add? Great as preschool, lacking as camp. My daughter was bored this summer but loves it during the school year Review from 2012 Summer Camp Experience