Prospect Hair
Prospect Hair
  • Prospect Heights
    283 Flatbush between St Marks and Prospect and Prospect (this is their new address)
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Reviews (23)

  • Hairstylist Recommendation for Chinese hair

    Prospect Hair on Flatbush near St Marks. Paul and Frankie are from Hong Kong and I’ve been happy with the cuts they’ve given my husband and son.
  • ISO: new place for kids haircuts

    After a few terrible scissors-only haircuts for my electric razor-averse 5 year old, we have now had two hair cuts at Prospect Hair with great results. The first time we saw Ben who was happy to do scissors only (most people are annoyed), did a great job, and had a great demeanor with my son. They also give a toy AND a lolly after so that was thrilling. The second time we arrived late and Ben was unavailable but we saw an equally great guy (forget the name) who was happy to do scissors only but ultimately did talk my son into trying a super quiet “kids-only” electric razor to finish the edges and he is now a convert. They aren’t the cheapest game in town but less than Lulu’s (I think they are $20 or $25 before tip?) and in our case have given much better cuts.
  • Children's Hair Salon for Curly Hair?

    Jenny at Prospect Hair (on Flatbush) does a nice job on my son’s curly hair. PH does a nice $25 kids hair cut! They do my husband’s curly hair as well.
  • Haircut in Park Slope

    Contact Paul at Prospect Hair on Flatbush. He's great and every friend I've recommended to him has been happy.
  • Hair Cut for 12m old

    I really like the guys from Hair Craft (718-300-2355) who are now at Prospect Hair (283 Flatbush). I'll call right before I want to go over, and they'll set up a dvd player. When my son was your kid's age he'd sit on my lap for the haircut, and they were super patient with squirming. Kids get lollipops and their pick of a toy at the end too (if their parents are cool with it), so it has always been a popular destination.
  • Toddler haircut recommendations

    I've gone to the guys at Prospect Hair on Flatbush twice now. They used to be at Lincoln and 7th. They're fast and nice, and show videos during the cut. It isn't the most exact hair cut I've ever seen, but I go back.
  • [Summer2016Babies] Hair cut

    A while back we went to Hair Craft on Lincoln. It’s just a barber shop but they have a DVD player, barking dog toy, super quiet clippers for kids, and a toy for afterward. They were really nice. I think it was like $20 plus tip.
  • [Summer2016Babies] Hair cut

    The next place we went to was north, on Berkeley Pl near 7th I think? Totally nondescript, it was in the spot where Leaf and Bean was once located. They at first charged $12 for a toddler and then the price went up. She got a kiddie drape, sat on a kiddie cushion, and was given a choice of a toy at the end. They have a small fish tank. That was enough ambiance for my kid. She looked like she went to a high end salon afterward (even got a blowout!). One point, my daughter did get her hair cut there by a man once and it was more like a blunt cut from a barber that did not know how to cut girls' hair (and she has the simplest long straight hair of medium thickness). But two different women gave her great cuts.
  • [Summer2016Babies] Hair cut

    Hair Craft is another option. Quick cut, they do have portable dvd players if you like that feature and kids get a toy (super crappy, but still super exciting). My 4 yo gets his hair cut there sometimes.
  • Shout out for Haircraft for kids AND adults

    This is a long overdue shout out for Haircraft on Lincoln Place at 7th Ave. I’ve been going there for a year or two but in the past two weeks went for myself and my son and need to give them props. Regarding the kid’s cut - the staff is extremely patient and sweet. They have Thomas the Tank Engine on DVD ready to go if needed. My almost 4 year old son has been there twice. The first time he was a little scared and it took a while to get the haircut done, but it came out great. Yesterday he was excited to go, didn’t make a peep, and we were out of there in 15 minutes with a great new ‘do. Kids’ cuts start at $19 and they get to pick from a bin of small toys. Regarding my haircut, I have to say, the shampoo might be the most relaxing, most comfortable wash I have ever gotten in my 36 years. The seat/sink apparatus is THE most comfortable seat I’ve been in, which helps relax during the 10+ minute shampoo/scalp massage session. This is seriously my mommy time. I’m sorry I didn’t catch the woman’s name. She is so friendly and has sat with my daughter while her twin got his haircut. As for my haircut, I have thick, wavy hair, and the cut is always great. Ben, Paul, and everyone there is amazing. The price is more than reasonable and worth every penny. They are cash only, FYI, so hit the ATM on your way. Open on the weekends, closed on Mondays.
  • [PSP Winter 2016] Babies first hair cut

    We went to Hair Craft for the first cut based on the other reviews. It was very anticlimactic, but they were very sweet there. They played thomas the train on a dvd player and K. sat on my husband's lap while they cut his hair. He didn't squirm at all and they gave him a little toy at the end. I think they charged $20. Overall it was really easy.
  • Re: ISO toddler haircut place (not Lulu or area kicks)

    I second the recommendation for Hair Craft on Lincoln, especially Ben, who is quick and great with kids. It's a no-frills place and not specifically for kids, but the cuts are good and they're really nice and reasonably priced. I think they charge us $19 for a kid's haircut. Often we just walk in, or give them a call and find out what time Ben is free the same day.
  • Re: ISO toddler haircut place (not Lulu or area kicks)

    Hair Craft on Lincoln has been great for both our kids. Quick, reasonably priced, and a nice cut for both boys (our 16 month old just had his first, and sailed through it). They have a video player if you want it, and a toy at the end.
  • barbershop/hair salon for boy's haircut--SUMMARY

    I've been taking my kids (girl 5.5 and boy 3 yo) to Haircraft on Berkeley at 7th Ave. They've been great - very accommodating to kids, playing a little video and providing a (FREE!) toy and a candy afterwards. Great cuts too. I think it's $18. For what it's worth - my kids had both been to the hairdresser at a local toy shop before, and while they were happy with the cool chair and videos there, they had no complaints when I took them to haircraft's less elaborate, (and less expensive) shop.
  • barbershop/hair salon for boy's haircut--SUMMARY

    Haircraft is awesome and it is super cheap-- I want to say like $17 and then you get a little toy (that immediately breaks) at the end for your kid. But if you call in advance they'll put a movie or cartoon dvd on and they are great with kids. My son is at a tricky age and they will cut his hair with him sitting on my lap. And he gets a cute/cool haircut out of it too.
  • hair salon open sunday

    I second Hair Craft! Just went there for a cut and wash and both were great! Paul clearly loves what he does and is really talented. It is also less than half of what other places in the neighborhood are charging
  • Hair Craft on Lincoln Pl is a great place for haircuts

    We just got our hair cut at Hair Craft on Lincoln Pl between 7th & 8th and everybody got great cuts. The kids cuts are less expensive than any other salon in the neighborhood, at least that I've seen, they have dvd players loaded with kid programming, they are quick, and the cuts are great. The best part is my kids actually agreed to go back--that's new-- and the little guy who formerly hated haircuts did not cry at all. He reported this haircut "didn't hurt." They also loved the lollipops and the toy cars they were offered at the end. I also got my hair cut there, I have short, straight hair, and it was great. A wash, cut, and style was $40. They listened to me, looked at the picture of the haircut I wanted, and I left with a really nice cut. We are making this our regular place for haircuts. Note the place is not fancy or spa-like. It is basic but the haircutters are good. I have no affiliation with Hair Craft beyond being a happy customer.
  • Re: Recommended haircutter for boy and baby

    I just took my 6 yo for a new cut last week. On a recommendation here we went to Hair Craft on Lincoln just above 7th ave. The stylist (man whose name I didn't get) spent plenty of time and attention taking her from shoulder length hair to a well-layered bob with bangs. There's no toy store attached or car for a seat, but they did offer her the option of watching a small dvd player and gave her a small plastic doll afterwards as a prize. I was shocked when they only charged $16 because it really was a professional cut many adults wear. I hope they can stay in business with those prices.
  • Shoutout to Hair Craft- amazing place on Lincoln and 7th ave

    Agreed, I have taken my haircut-resistant preschooler several times, never had to wait, different people (based on who was available) all did a nice job and made him comfortable. And it's pretty inexpensive...I want to say $12, or close to it.
  • Shoutout to Hair Craft- amazing place on Lincoln and 7th ave

    I want to echo the praise for the kids haircuts at hair craft; after a series of terrible cuts at various barber shops across park slope, our nearly three year old has been there twice with great results both times! Ben the stylist engaged in what surely must qualify as an acrobatic act with scissors during the times my son was squirming (i.e. most of the time) and had us out of there quick and the price was right too! Only wish they opened earlier on weekends. (April 2015)
  • Shoutout to Hair Craft- amazing place on Lincoln and 7th ave

    Dear neighbors- I love supporting local businesses in Brooklyn. Just wanted to give a shoutout to Hair Craft- a small salon that opened last year on Lincoln and 7th avenue. Paul, the owner, is a gifted stylist! Pretty much the best shampoo I have ever had. Super relaxing. Affordable, friendly, and amazing service. Truly a one-of-a kind place. They were so great with my four year old daughter who has extremely curly hair. Really kid friendly. Great addition to Park Slope- I just don't think a of people know about them yet! (April 2015)
  • Great hair stylist in the Slope

    I've been very happy with a new salon, Hair Craft on Lincoln just above 7th Ave. Very reasonable, and the guy who did my haircut (twice now) is a master! I highly recommend them. (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Re: Hair dresser for toddler

    Some of us on the Fall2012 babies group have fallen in love with Haircraft in the old leaf and bean space on Lincoln Place between 7th and 8th Avenue. our 2 year old had a great cut for $12 by Jennifer. No TVs or racing cars to sit in but they were great with her and had gowns with colorful dogs and fish etc. I plan to try them for my own cut!