Pre-PreSchool with Polly
Pre-PreSchool with Polly



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Reviews (3)

  • 18-24 month program?

    We love pre-pre school with Polly in Windsor Terrace. I believe there are part-time spots left in the program.
  • Kensington daycare

    My son goes to a really great program in Kensington (near Ocean Parkway and Caton) called Pre-Preschool with Polly, which is an in-home “toddler enrichment program” in Polly’s home. I think it starts at 1 year old, but there may be some flexibility depending on the situation. Polly was my older son’s preschool teacher at Maple Street School for 2 years and she’s incredible. Last year she started this program for the younger toddlers that is designed to help transition them to preschool, but it still runs M-F 9am-5pm like a normal daycare (but you can have a part time schedule within those core hours.) I highly recommend Polly!
  • Nov 16

    As a current Pre-Pre parent, I want to amplify this and express how happy we have been with Polly’s program! My son started attending in September, and we have been so pleased with our experience. Polly exudes calm and positivity, and she has created a warm, loving, nurturing environment filled with fun and exploration. (She also does an excellent job of helping those early separations go much smoother!) Some more things I love about Pre-Pre: + Flexibility and intuition (Polly really sees where the kids are that day, and adapts the schedule to fit their needs) + Lots of playground time + No to screens and excessively bleeping/blooping toys + Yes to sensory play and community + Super-detailed daily reports, written in a lovely way that really captures what the children did that day (and lots of pictures!) + (most importantly) Polly knows when to stand back and observe, and lets the children learn how to interact with each other in a safe and gentle way. She keeps them safe without being overbearing, and is so respectful of their individual development and abilities. I had mentioned this to my baby group, but I thought this might be a useful lead for fellow freelancers who are trying to figure out the childcare puzzle.