Postpartum with SJ
Postpartum with SJ


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  • Postpartum with SJ

    I hired SJ as a postpartum doula/home-chef and it was fantastic to have her support during those first few weeks of newborn fog. She was absolutely lovely to communicate with both in planning for how she could best support our family, and to have in our home once a week while she was cooking for us. The food she made was delicious, and easy to reheat for lunches and dinners, and she asked for feedback each week to make sure we were getting what we needed. She was great company, and offered some gentle movement and breath work in addition to the cooking she did for us. It was so wonderful to know that we had delicious, nourishing food for the week and not have to constantly be asking "what will we eat for dinner tonight" so we could focus on the new baby. I especially appreciated that she took into consideration our tastes and preferences, but did all of the meal planning and shopping so there was no need for me to prep or plan before her visits. Although we used her services mostly for cooking, she was very open and would be a great support for a variety of postpartum needs--including just having company and a listening ear! I couldn't recommend her enough to support during this family transition.