Portfolio Preparation-Sarah's Art Studio
Portfolio Preparation-Sarah's Art Studio


These weekday afternoon portfolio preparation classes are for students applying to competitive high school art programs--Laguardia, Murrow and Frank Sinatra and competitive middle school art programs--Twain, New Voices and M.S. 51. The classes are small, include extensive one-on-one instruction and some of the work will specifically prepare for the drawing exams during the audition process. Students will develop their drawing skills in composition, line, light and shadow, proportion and perspective and produce a varied portfolio that demonstrates technical skill as well as creativity.

The class is not necessarily only for those who need a portfolio, but for any tween/teen who has a deeper interest in visual arts and is looking to improve his/her art skills. You can look at middle school and high school artwork from Sarah's Art Studio at

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    My daughter had a great experience working with Sarah Tanzer, an artist and art educator in Park Slope who is particularly good helping students with portfolio preparation for HS. My daughter had several sessions with Sarah during the summer before HS auditions and Sarah's advice was perfect. My daughter is now at LaGuardia in visual art and says that Sarah's work with her made a big difference in helping her prepare for the audition there and at Murrow. I highly recommend her if your child is preparing an art portfolio.