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Poppins Payroll

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  • Help paying nanny on the books

    I went through this process earlier this year and I was overwhelmed as well. I’d highly recommend using a payroll service to help you with payroll, taxes, and NYS required insurances if nanny is full time. We use Poppins Payroll, and I really like their customer service. You can just give them a call and get an idea of what’s needed. Here’s their overview for NYS.
  • Nanny Payroll Services?

    We just signed up for Poppins Payroll. It’s $45 a month and super easy to set up. It came recommended from a friend. So far very happy with the service.
  • Paying Nanny Question: Payroll Timing

    We use Poppins Payroll too. I didn't like the 1 week delay with direct deposit either, so I just select the "pay by check" option, and pay our nanny via Zelle (her choice). I just document that in the comment section every week. It is 1 manual step, but I feel like it's better (for me) than double checking every week.