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Poppins Payroll happily presents an easier way to handle taxes and payroll for nannies, housekeepers, senior caregivers and anyone else you employ in your home. Turns out you don’t have to empty your wallet to run a perfect payroll. Sign-up with Poppins Payroll takes 5 minutes and once you are signed up, Poppins does the rest. Poppins Payroll gets your tax ids, registers your new hires, sets up your state, federal and local accounts, calculates all the withholdings for you and keeps track of your bookkeeping online. All for only $39 a month!

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Reviews (3)

  • Help paying nanny on the books

    I went through this process earlier this year and I was overwhelmed as well. I’d highly recommend using a payroll service to help you with payroll, taxes, and NYS required insurances if nanny is full time. We use Poppins Payroll, and I really like their customer service. You can just give them a call and get an idea of what’s needed. Here’s their overview for NYS.
  • Nanny Payroll Services?

    We just signed up for Poppins Payroll. It’s $45 a month and super easy to set up. It came recommended from a friend. So far very happy with the service.
  • Paying Nanny Question: Payroll Timing

    We use Poppins Payroll too. I didn't like the 1 week delay with direct deposit either, so I just select the "pay by check" option, and pay our nanny via Zelle (her choice). I just document that in the comment section every week. It is 1 manual step, but I feel like it's better (for me) than double checking every week.