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  • What are the best winter clothes for my two year old?

    Polarn O Pyret! Not stiff, removable hat, waterproof, it's great. Their gloves are great too!
  • What are the best winter clothes for my two year old?

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with Polarn O Pyret. My twins have been wearing this stuff for Brooklyn Nature Days since 1.5 years. Pretty much perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • baby clothing line?

    I love Polarn O'Pyret. Amazing quality
  • advice on weather gear

    For winter definitely go to Polarn och pyret. My husband is Swedish so we’re a little biased but it’s really great outdoor wear. BND will give you info for the 20% discount once school starts. Please note they run really big! For super cold days he would have wool underlayer (I actually loved the POP wool tights as it was very comfortable to layer socks if needed), and fleece or sweatshirt layer under snowsuit. For not as cold days I omitted the fleece. Their balaclavas and hats are great, and so are their mittens and gloves. The long rain mittens are the best and can be layered or worn as is (I never really used the snow ones as my son found them too cumbersome), and the cotton/wool mittens are basically the only ones my son has ever kept on.
  • advice on weather gear

    Rain jacket and insert we got on sale from Polarn O Pyret. It's a Swedish based company, and Swedes are great for getting their kids outside, and dressing them for all sorts of weather. Some of the prices are a bit steep, but I considered it an investment, given how long my little one would be outdoors (and I bought items in neutral colors to pass on to future kids/cousins). The company offers discounts to kids in nature programs (something like 20%). The information is on their website somewhere. My favorite items from Polarn O Pyret are the merino wool base layers. They are super comfortable and lightweight, but warm. Wool is also great for wicking sweat. Way better than putting your kids in cotton shirts and pants when it's cooler out and they're running around a lot!!
  • recommendations for toddler mittens that are warm and stay on

    I went through so much aggravation this winter w the mitten sesrch. My little guy is 18m. My friend lives in Oslo and recommended the Polarn O Pyret brand. I love them! They come up to the elbow. They work under and over a jacket. I bought on Amazon.
  • Warm socks for a toddler

    Polarn O Pyret makes great wool socks of various weights. A little pricey, but totally worth it.
  • Comfy underwear 5 year old girl

    Both my kids (boy & girl) wear the eco briefs from polarn o pyret. they are a bit pricey but they’ve held up for years through 2 sets of kids so I feel they are well worth it. no uncomfortable seams nor tags and very soft material
  • First NYC winter

    I really like Polarn O Pyret for winter baby/kid stuff, particularly their wool clothes although the cotton stuff is also very high quality. Somehow the way they size it it fits forever.
  • gloves for preschoolers

    I really like the 2-4 year old gloves from Polarn o pyret.
  • gloves for preschoolers

    Hi, try Polarn och Pyret, store in Battery Park City or online. They have good variety of gloves, good quality, and many sizes.
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