Age Range


      Drop-off Nursery School               2.0 – 6.0

      Parent/Child Toddler Program      20 – 30 months


      Number of Children


     100 in the Nursery School

      28 in the Toddler Program


      Class size grows with the age of the child.  There are 8-10 children in the 2s, 14 in the 3s, 16-18 in the 4s and Kindergarten.   There are always 2 teachers.




      2 year olds come 2 or 3 mornings per week.  3 year olds come either 5 mornings or 3 afternoons.  4 year olds come either five mornings or four full days and one half day.  The

      Kindergarten comes 5 full days.




      Open House tours take place in the fall for admission the following September.  The application deadline is January 15th.


      Parent Participation


      Parents are encouraged to come to monthly coffees and family events.  There are two parent/teacher conferences annually.  Many parents volunteer to do special activities in the 

      classrooms but it is not required.

Reviews (4)

  • Redshirting for Fall 2021

    My daughter’s preschool - Plymouth Church School - has a fives program designed for situations like this. The idea is that it’s for kids who may be young for their grade or not ready for kindergarten for whatever reason, so some families keep their kids at the school for essentially another preschool year to give them time to be truly ready for the elementary school setting. It seems like such a good idea to me and maybe helpful for your child.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    The school and community are fantastic. The providers are experts in early childhood and development. They have been amazing at helping with transitions and in communication via phone or email when needed. The school is so sweet and the community so special. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options What would you change? Afternoon spots are tough but we love it nonetheless!
  • 2014 Daycare/Preschool PSP review

    Program: 3s program, and also Time for Twos program (caregiver participation) Length of Time: Half days 3 days/week Child's Age: 2-3 years3-4 years Review: Plymouth Church School is a longstanding community preschool in Brooklyn Heights. It's a very loving and warm community of teachers, administrators and involved parents. I have been so pleased with the time and care the school and teachers spent on transitioning our children, and especially in handling a difficult separation during the transition period. We tried different things, the teachers kept me in the loop very closely, and ultimately we did what my child needed to separate and be comfortable and to trust his new environment. Now he happily bounces into the classroom without looking back and has grown so so much in the short time (2+ months) since class started. The teachers are warm, attentive, responsive, and observant of what's happening with my children. We are so happy with the school. And it continues to grown and improve. Recommend (Hi/Rec/DoNot) Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2012

    LIKES: large space for a good price What you'd change: n/a Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Highly Recommend