Playspaces is a collaborative play platform where kids’ imaginations run the show. It's a safer virtual space for kiddos to play, co-create and connect together from anywhere. Every moment of fun on Playspaces supercharges your kids' creativity and social-emotional wellbeing.

We're looking for families with kids aged 4-9 to test and provide honest feedback. Sign up and get 2-month free access plus a chance to win an iPad mini.


Your discount: 2 months free

Free unlimited access for 2 months or more. Plus a chance to win an iPad with participation in the beta program to test out our pilot product.
Families with kids aged 4-9 can participate. There are no other requirements. Just join, create an account and have fun! We will reach out to ask for feedback and testimonial in the form of surveys and remote interviews throughout the 2-month period.

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