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  • Drop in toddler classes

    “Dr. Alex” has a really fun sing-along on Fridays at 10am at Pinot’s Palette on 5th ave. It’s really perfect for kids age 0-4!
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    The party went well; the owners have a good plan for guiding a group of kids through painting a standard piece of art (which you pick beforehand, from a fairly large set of options), and the venue was comfortable and well organized. We had Pinot's Palette provide popcorn - they have a "popcorn cart" and bags for a reasonable price.
  • Shout out for Pinot's Palette

    I went last night with my mom for a class session at our local Pinot's Palette and had great time painting Van Gogh' Starry Night. The class instruction was so good that everyone's paintings came out great. The staff was very pleasant, helpful and attentive. I highly recommend for a night out with parents or a date night or a birthday party with friends. They also have classes for kids.