Pinch Sitters
Pinch Sitters


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Reviews (4)

  • Backup Nanny on short term notice?

    I've used pinch sitters for same day/next day care.
  • Flexible daytime sitters

    We use Pinch Sitters when our regular sitters aren't available. Lisa (the owner) is always very responsive, and the sitters are usually actors or grad school students.
  • PSP Summer 2016 Babies Childcare for Artists/Freelancers

    We have used pinch sitters more than I care to admit. Sometimes you just have to in order get the job done. Luckily all vetted and background checked by the company. All have been amazing, sweet women. Most actually were young actors or artists as well.
  • [PSPWorkingMoms] Backup care?

    I used Pinch sitters and it was amazing. The woman was very kind and figured stuff out. Also knew that it was weird for the kids (and me) to have a new face walk in. Recommended from over here :)