Pierless Fish
Pierless Fish


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  • Pierless Fish!

    Just wanted to give a super shoutout to Pierless. We got inspired to make our own sushi this week (this blog post led the way:, and had an amazing experience getting our fish from Pierless. Minimum order is $60 for home delivery and the quality is top-notch pristine. We headed straight for the sushi/crudo section of their online shop and ordered Scottish Salmon, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefin Tuna Loin. Perfect. Can't wait to order from them again, AND we got 2 full family dinners for the same price as ordering sushi delivery once. Plus it's really fun to make it yourself, especially with kids! We got really into it. Anyway, just wanted to pass along the goodness.
  • Sushi making at home?

    Pierless Fish!! They are an incredible fish supplier to high-end fish markets and restaurants (and the Park Slope Food Co-op), and they started doing home deliveries. Their prices for home deliveries are excellent--even lower than the co-op. There's a $60 minimum for deliveries, but you can always get some of the frozen items to save for later! They have a whole sashimi/crudo section on their websit.