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  • Review from the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Afterschool Survey

    REVIEW: The program was conveniently located and the scheduling was flexible. Skills learned: Definitely improved his swimming abilities. What would you change? We’ve been to many swim schools (Goldfish, Imagine, Y) and this was not the best of them. The teachers seemed pretty hit or miss, some of them seemed into it and like they knew how to teach, others just gave orders from the sidelines. For my kid who is not a beginner the instructors did not get into the water with the kids. There was no communication on their progress unless you went to the teacher after class. It was more convenient than the other programs given location, though. Not sure I’d repeat this program. Age of child: 6
  • swim lessons

    Hi, I recommend Physique Swim at CBE. My daughter goes on a weekday morning so we are super lucky to have the pool/teacher to ourselves. I know the classes afterschool are much busier but I have found all the teachers lovely and engaging. My 3yr old is swimming on her own now after one semester.
  • ISO swim instructor teacher for kids

    I don’t know if they will offer what you’re looking for, but check our Physique Swimming. My daughter has been taking lessons from them at CBE in Park Slope and her swimming has improved dramatically over the course of the year.
  • Swimming lessons?

    My three year old loves it here. Adjacent to the synagogue but no religious affiliation required. Plus, there is plenty of street parking on Sunday morning!
  • Review from the Fall 2022 After School Survey

    Location: Cbe Name of the specific program, if applicable: Physique swimming How old was your child during the Fall 2022 semester? 5 What kind of program is it? Swimming Review: My son has really advanced at these swimming lessons. The teachers are professional and patient. They adjust to each students needs. The lessons are generally limited to 4 kids and of more there are two teachers. The pool is a comfortable temperature and not too big that is loud and overwhelming. The locker room is busy but not overcrowded. What skills did your child develop? He's learned to be comfortable in a pool, to float, go underwater, jump in, crawl, kick, breath as you sw and get to the side and get out of the pool. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Nothing
  • thoughts on Physique swimming at CBE?

    I took the April-June session of "Me and My Shadow" with my then 2.5yo through Physique swimming at CBE on Sunday morning. This was our experience: We had three different instructors over the session. One was enthusiastically engaged with the children. The pool deck is very crowded and slippery. There was one same day cancellation (30min before class started) due to “water temperature” - this felt odd as there were classes scheduled prior to our 10:30am Sunday session. There was no additional outreach after the first cancellation regarding a makeup session or refund. There were two cancellations due to Jewish holidays that we were not informed of until mid-session. These two classes were refunded. The only makeup options offered to my child were on weekdays which we were not able to accommodate - they interfered with preschool or were simply not possible due to naps or childcare. We signed up for 10 classes originally, paid for 8 classes, and took 6. We have 2 outstanding makeups that we remain unable to schedule and the team is slow to respond.
  • Feedback CBE/Physique Swimming and British Swim School

    My daughter (almost 5) has taken beginner classes at both programs, and we've preferred CBE, although it may depend on the individual instructor, your kids' personalities, etc. BSS struck me as much more rigid in their approach and programming--the instructors were kind but didn't have many workarounds for fearful kids. My daughter is having fun and making more progress at CBE.
  • Feedback CBE/Physique Swimming and British Swim School

    Hi - we have been really happy with CBE. The instructors are great. My almost 5 year old screamed bloody murder the first few sessions and they were patient as can be. He's now happy to go and looks forward to it. The only issue I have is the many closures due to Jewish holidays, but otherwise it's been great.
  • Swimming Lesson Recommendations

    Have you looked into Physique Swimming? I know they have a handful of locations and though I don't know if they're in Brooklyn yet, I say check them out if they are. My son took lessons (private, but doesn't have to be) and the teacher was great and on the occasion he had a substitute, they were also great.