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  • Lil Polliwogs Daycare

    I recommend both Sofias (17th) and Peter Pan (20th).
  • Review from the 2020–2021 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Review: Loved it! We had a great experience at Peter Pan and Wendy. The Director is very communicative and they took excellent care of our daughter. She learned so much, was very engaged, and came home with great projects. Facility amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
  • Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare

    What a lovely place to be. From start to finish, my son has a schedule that is easy to stick to on weekends. Any suggestion or request is met with a better idea. Healthy menu and full day of activities that included splash time in the summer days, planting seedlings and crafts time. Caregivers who greet us with a smile in the morning and send us off with a happy child home. Thank you for your constant care and accommodating services. A huge thank you to Tanya for keeping the daycare opened, clean and a safe place; It's a huge relief to know that my child is in great loving hands, especially during these stressful and uncertain times.
  • Recommending Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare & Preschool in South Slope/Greenwood

    My son's small and home-based daycare Peter Pan & Wendy is open for children of essential workers right now. They are going to great lengths to keep it sanitary and keep the kids & us families safe. I was very happy with them pre-COVID and and am now incredibly grateful to have them during this time.
  • Review from the 2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool Survey

    We LOVE Peter Pan & Wendy. Both our kids have been here since they were 4 months old, moving to the bigger kid location around 2 (or a bit before). They both love and always have going there every day. The caregivers are so warm and loving, they do all sorts of creative projects and cooking classes, they play in the outdoor yard space a ton... Tanya, the owner, really cares and picks caregivers that also do. This is an amazing place, that has helped both my kids grow in a loving nurturing environment. DETAILS: Has outdoor space
  • 2019 Review

    We are so fortunate to have found Peter Pan and Wendy. Tanya the owner is so wonderful, with infants, with toddlers, with parents, and with her employees, she really has a gift. And part of her gift is choosing amazing people to work at Peter Pan. And from all those loving people terrific things happen every day. Projects, fun, creativity, singing, friendship, enrichment, caring and general growing up. Both of my kids have been there since they were four months old (they are now 3 1/2 years old, and fifteen months). My kids are pretty different and they both have loved going to daycare from their first day. Our minds are at ease when we are at work knowing they are having great days. We are so thankful for Peter Pan and Wendy.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Both my children totally adore the day care and all of the providers that are there. They are so loving and my kids learn so much there. It feels like a family run place that really loves my kids. Both my kids started around four months and my oldest is now 2 1/2 and on weekends he asks to go. From the very start they have put my mind at ease. I could not recommend it any more highly! About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
  • [Spring2017Babies] Daycare in Park Slope?

    Our 4-month-old son is at Peter Pan & Wendy daycare (on 21st St, between 6th and 7th). We like them a lot, they're close to where we are on 20th, not crowded and he always comes out happy. Every day they report on how much he fed, how long hecslept and whether he pooped. As well as his mood, playtime, socializing. PP&W came recommended by a good friend with 2 kids who went there, but Yelp gives excellent reviews too. Good luck with the search!
  • Review

    We are so happy with Peter Pan & Wendy daycare. Our son has been there for over a year now, since he was 4 months old. I was initially worried about him going to day care, Tanya took my worry away with a very long phone call addressing all of my concerns. And then as soon as my son started it was clear he loved it from the start and still does. I echo the other reviewers about all of the caregivers being wonderful (big shout out to Nino), caring about and helping in our son's development, the daily activity being interesting, and the food being healthy. They are also extremely accommodating with any special concerns we have from time to time. They take all our worries away when he is there. Highly, highly recommended!
  • Review of Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare

    We couldn't be happier with Peter Pan & Wendy Day care. Our son has attended since he was 6 months old and is now almost 15 months. Tanya, the owner, is very involved the kids' development and is genuinely excited when our son gains a new skill or hits a new milestone. She immediately lets us know if our son isn't feeling well or if she is worried about his health in any way. The women who work at the daycare are very loving and affectionate with the kids. The day care provides exceptionally healthy meals for the kids, including breakfast, lunch, snack and organic milk and yogurt. They even feed the kids quinoa and millet! They helped our son transition from mushed food to finger food and have successfully consolidated his naps. They also do art with the kids on almost a daily basis and play outside in the backyard nearly every day. We get daily reports from Tanya and the other workers letting us know what our son ate, what he got excited about that day, and all of his developments, large and small. Our son is happy every day when we drop him off and full of smiles when we pick him up. We have full confidence in Tanya in her staff and never doubt that our son is safe, happy, and well cared for. We feel very fortunate to have found Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare - not just because it is convenient to our home, but because our son is lovingly cared for and is clearly so happy at daycare. We highly recommend!
  • Review submitted via the 2014-2015 daycare/preschool survey

    Program: Infant - Toddler Daycare Length of time: Full Time, 5 days a week Child’s Age: 1-2 years Type of facility: Private, small daycare/playschool experience run out of a person's home with a very small number of childrenThere is little/no parental involvement with the administration or running of the facility. REVIEW: We couldn't be happier with our experience at Peter Pan & Wendy! Tanya, the owner, and her assistants are truly incredible. They are so attentive to each and every child that comes through their doors. Our son has been with them since he was only 3 months old, and is now 13 months old. They teach him how to go potty, walk, talk, share, sing, etc. He's so happy when we drop him off and pick him up. When he's not feeling well, they call us immediately. We've learned so much from her as first time parents. Any parent who decides to send his/her child here will not be disappointed. Professional, experienced, friendly, warm, you name it, this place has it. Would you recommend? Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • Review submitted via the 2014-2015 daycare/preschool survey

    Length of time: sometimes Full time, other times part time Child’s Age: < 1 year1-2 years Type of facility: Privately run daycare/preschool with multiple classes and teachersThere is little/no parental involvement with the administration or running of the facility. REVIEW: My child is now two years old and has attended PP&W both as an infant and as a toddler. I have always seen that he enjoys it there. He talks happily about his playmates and the caregivers when at home. Pick up and drop off is always a warm event and I can see from my child that my boy is cared for sweetly. At the end of the day, he comes home having learned new words, songs, and nursery rhymes that I hadn't taught him, including the Alphabet song. He learned to say excuse me and bless you when appropriate. He learned about putting toys back and cleaning up. He also received initial potty training there, which went very well, and made it easier for me to dive in and move it forward. The caregivers are very warm and kind. There is however a fair amount of turnover in the staff. The transitions are done with care, familiar and new staff always dovetail so that the children are always with a familiar caregiver. But this seems to occur every 6 months. Would you recommend? Recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • Review submitted via the 2014-2015 daycare/preschool survey

    Program: Infant / early toddler Length of time: full day / 5 days a week Child’s Age: 1-2 years Type of facility: Private, small daycare/playschool experience run out of a person's home with a very small number of children REVIEW: Tanya and the other caregivers are high energy, extremely loving and supportive to my child's development. They have taught him to be comfortable with different types of food, early potty training (at 11 months), different songs and games, and got him on a good napping schedule. They are incredibly loving and very communicative with me/my partner about our child's progress. There have been a few occasions where discipline was necessary another child in the class biting my child, and they handle it swiftly and with negative reinforcement that is calm and consistent. My son has been in their care since he was only 12 weeks old, and he is now 13 months. We are moving in just a couple of months, and to be totally honest one of the things I am saddest about is leaving behind this amazing care. Tanya and the other caregivers (Finesse, Elizabeth and Lena) have become like an extended family to us. Would you recommend? Highly recommend Would you send your child again? Absolutely
  • review for daycare

    We’ve been really happy with Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare. The space is cozy, clean, and filled with sunlight, and there’s a big backyard for the kids to play in. My daughter has been attending since she was 6 months old. She is now a little over a year. As a first time mom I was apprehensive about returning to work and finding childcare, but my daughter very quickly warmed to Tanya and the other caregivers, who all seem genuinely invested in her development and interests. Every day at drop off my daughter goes happily into their arms. Peter Pan and Wendy offers a nice mix of structured and free play - activities like music and crafts, and reading. I love that my daughter is able to play outside most days without traveling to an off-site playground. I also appreciate the healthy, well-balanced menu provided by Peter Pan and Wendy. The daycare was extremely helpful during my daughter’s transition to solids, encouraging her to try different foods and to use cups and utensils. Overall Peter Pan and Wendy is a warm and nurturing environment and I would gladly recommend them to others
  • Daycare Provider Review - Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare

    My daughter started going to Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare when she was 3 months old and has loved every second of it! Tanya and the girls are so loving and amazing. They are so excited to tell you what happened each day and share the same enthusiasm for every milestone or cute smile that a parent would. I love picking her up and hearing about her day. I also save the daily reports they give you because it helps me on the weekends to stick to the eating and napping schedule she's used to, but of course she naps much better at daycare than at home. They take infants and toddlers and the two age groups are at seperate locations which I really liked since as a new mom I was a little afraid of toddler germs. My daughter gets tons of attention and all of the babies and parents seem happy to be there. Even if I was able to have a nanny I'd rather my little one spend the day at Peter Pan and Wendy.
  • Review for Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare

    My son attended Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare for about three months—and it wasn't enough. If we hadn't left the city, we'd still be there and very happily. I had apprehensions about daycare in general, but Tanya and her team put me instantly at ease. And my boy, who was about 9.5 months when he started, almost immediately loved it too. After a week, he actually started smiling and laughing as we went up the stoop. They were really attentive to our needs and went out of their way to accommodate us (the boy needs a dark room for naps and they made theirs darker), and were respectful of our food preferences and restrictions. I was happy to see that even without us making food suggestions, the kids ate grains, protein and veggies every day. I also really feel like he thrived there--it was fun and just the right amount of stimulating. My husband got a job out of state and the thing that most hurt about moving was leaving this warm, kind, nurturing place (with a cute backyard!). I recommend it so highly.
  • Review for Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare

    My son has been attending Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare since March of 2014, when he was approximately 1. I could not be happier, I love Tanya and the staff, and my son loves being there. Stop reading reviews and set up a tour! He previously attending another daycare in Park Slope which was… fine. He didn’t seem to like it, and we weren’t able to communicate with the owner or staff very clearly. He was safe and everything… it was fine. I sort of assumed that’s what daycare in Brooklyn was. We got fed up eventually and switched to Peter Pan and Wendy, and the change was immediate. He is thrilled to be dropped off and happy when we pick him up. The staff took the time to get to know him and his habits, and have helped him develop. They seems as thrilled as we are when he picks up new skills. It’s a relief to have Peter Pan and Wendy in our lives, we encourage you to join them.
  • Review for Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare

    My daughter began attending Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare when she was 14 weeks old and I had to return to work. The owner, Tanya, was recommended to me by a friend whose daughter was under her care at another daycare in the past. As a first time parent, I was very nervous leaving her anywhere, but we had visited the location and talked with the Tanya, and I appreciated how clean, cheerful, and loving the daycare was, with music and art projects all the time. Tanya and her staff really seem to love children and babies, and my baby (now six months old) is always happy to see them and is happy and content when I pick her up. Tanya is professional and friendly and answers all my questions. I also appreciate that my daughter is socializing with other babies and gets outside time every day in the yard. I go to work and I don't have to worry.
  • Daycare review

    Our son has been attending Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare for 3 months now. We could not be happier. I conducted a lengthy and thorough search of daycare providers upon our move to Park Slope in January 2014. He even started at one daycare, but after a week, I sensed he was not thriving, and I had a knot in my stomach every time I dropped him off. Then I found Peter Pan and Wendy (through PSP) and I discovered it IS possible to feel nothing but fantastic and 100% sure of your decision, and to leave smiling when you drop your child off with someone. Tanya, the owner, is warm and sweet with the kids, but also very professional and wonderfully direct. Our son has learned so much in only 3 months in her care. He is a great sharer, and I credit her with this. Also, Tanya has initiated potty training, and it's going very well. The atmosphere is cheerful, impeccably clean, and there is a huge yard that she has covered with soft black playground material. They even do gardening! Tanya won me over in the initial visit, when she said, "We want the kids to know tomatoes don't come from the store." Food is provided, and it is so nice not to have to scramble to get his lunch and snacks together every morning. Tanya is opening a new location nearby very soon, so there will be space available! I cannot say enough good things about this daycare. Oh, and when we pick him up, our son points to the door and says, "More, more?" because he has so much fun there.
  • Urgent Need for Daycare

    Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare on 21st St. has availability [April 2014]. You can call Tanya, the founder.
  • daycare review

    Peter Pan & Wendy Daycare is a warm, intimate, and happy daycare. My son went there for 5 months (during age 6-11 months), sadly we had to leave due to an employment change. During this time, I went to breast feed him there 1-2/week, when working from home. While there I got to hear how Tanya, who runs it, engages the children. She talks to them with kindness and joy, sings and reads stories. She is also very easy to communicate with. This is a responsible, caring and friendly place. The atmosphere is positive, playful and relaxed. It's small and I never worried that my infant was getting lost in the shuffle. Also, children of different ages are together and this was great. I saw how much my baby learned from watching the toddlers play, walk, eat, drink from cups. It was clear that he was happy there. I recommend it!
  • Review for Peter Pan and Wendy Daycare

    We started sending our then 13-month old daughter to Peter Pan and Wendy in November 2013. After touring a few other local daycare options, we chose Peter Pan and Wendy because we were so impressed with Tanya's professionalism, the wide range of activities for the kids, and her gentle demeanor when interacting with babies and toddlers. We also appreciated that Tanya, the director/owner, works directly with the kids every day. Her attention to detail is visible daily at pick up when she gives a full account of the day's activities, and hands me a coloring or craft project. We see how much our daughter enjoys her time at daycare as she smiles and laughs when we tell her that she is going to see Tanya. We can go about our workdays with confidence that our daughter is in safe and nurturing hands. We are very happy to have found Peter Pan and Wendy daycare, and would happily recommend it.
  • Review: Peter Pan and Wendy Inc

    Peter Pan and Wendy is warm, bright, safe, and welcoming. My husband and I knew we would be comfortable leaving our 7 month-old daughter at Peter Pan and Wendy the moment we walked in the door and met Tanya. Tanya, the director, is experienced, kind, accommodating, and wonderful with our infant. While being with Tanya would be enough on its own (she recently opened Peter Pan and Wendy after being employed as a daycare provider for years in and out of Park Slope), the facility is lovely and includes a spacious and shaded outdoor area (there are photos available on Yelp). Tanya cares deeply about her work and is striving to create the most nurturing and appropriately stimulating environment possible for children. We feel incredibly lucky there was space in this newly opened daycare.