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  • Responses to: local eyebrow recommendation needed from eyebrow snobs

    I'm a big fan of Perfect Brows, the indian threading place on 7th between Garfield and Carroll (i think). I have thick brows, and they have never over-threaded. Just once in the last few years, did I feel there was a little un-eveness and the woman fixed it on the spot. For thick brows, the woman who is there on Sundays and Wednesdays may be your best bet. She seems to really love thick eyebrows. It's only $8, but I love it and have been using them since they opened in the neighborhood.
  • Re: Waxing Recommendation

    Try perfect brow. On seventh between Garfield and president. They do eyebrows and waxing amongst other things. They are quick, neat and pretty inexpensive. And you can usually just walk in without an appointment. I'm a satisfied customer.