Peeko Oysters
Peeko Oysters


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  • #Shoutout Peeko Oysters

    As we all try to find local producers and shops to support during this challenging time I wanted to give a shoutout to Peeko Oysters. Like so many other farmers affected by the closure of restaurants, they're trying to find ways to stay afloat during this crisis and are now offering home deliveries! The owner/oyster farmer Peter is my longtime friend on the East End of Long Island and his oysters are served in some of the best restaurants in town (Gramercy Tavern, Craft, Eleven Madison Park, The Dutch, etc.). My husband and I love them and they've been a delicious way to help cope when we need a little selfcare and date night treat. I can also personally vouch for how delicious they are because we served them when I cooked at Gramercy Tavern and they were a big hit on the menu. If you're interested in ordering, I just spoke with him and he's planning his next delivery run to Brooklyn for next week. Here's the order form - I'm happy to answer questions or you can reach out to him directly - Looking forward to when we can all enjoy the fruits of our local farmers and support our local restaurants again.