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Reviews (3)

  • Competitors to FreshDirect?

    We use peapod, which is owned by stop and shop. It has everything that you need. Nothing fancy but always great prices and they'll send frequent offers for free deliveries (midweek or special promo codes.
  • Grocery delivery services?

    We use PeaPod and have used Amazon Fresh and Fresh Direct in the past. I like PeaPod a lot more. It's $99 a year for free delivery as long as you spend over $100...which is pretty easy to do most times. You can get the Stop & Shop all natural brand (Nature's Promise) and it is a lot cheaper than most you would find in the grocery store. They have specials each week. The produce and meat quality is great. I agree there are a lot of plastic bags but they are big and good quality so reuse them for diaper trash, etc.They also have a lot more delivery times and whenever we have had any issues, they have refunded us or given us credit. And the app is pretty easy to use so you can just add things to your list as you think about them.
  • Grocery delivery services?

    We have used Fresh Direct & Pea Pod so far.. Pea Pod is cheaper, but with both options there is a ton of waste (plastic bags, endless boxes) which makes me feel pretty guilty.