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Paws & Rec


For over 25 years, the Fox Family and their partners have been caring for dogs and firmly believe that An Active Dog is a Happy Dog!®. Dogs need continual exercise, play and socialization for a healthy mind & body. Whether on our pack walks, at our daycare or boarding overnight, we strive to ensure your dog comes home satisfied, content and calm!

We are conveniently located at 857 4th Avenue between 30 & 31st Streets in the Greenwood Heights/Sunset Park area. We have over 3000 sq ft both upstairs & down, plus backyard space, to give all dog guests lots of space to play, exercise, socialize and rest comfortably.

During the day, dogs are be encouraged to play fetch, tug of war, have backyard fun, and romp with their pack mates. Intermittent with their activity, are rest periods and plenty of potty, water & snack breaks.

For overnight guests, at bedtime, dogs sleep together in one large pen for company and comfort. Lights are dimmed low at 10PM with soothing ambient sounds to provide a restful night. Our caretaker sleeps in the adjoining room to be on hand at all times.

Paws & Rec provides all the comfort, toys, treats and love so you can enjoy your own peace of mind.

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  • dog walker reco

    For longer outings (walk + play in the park) I recommend Paws & Rec. The latter is a cost efficient way to tire your high energy dog out so that you can actually work during the day. ;)