Patty's Group Family Day Care
Patty's Group Family Day Care



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  • Daycare Recommendations

    Ms. Patty’s is the dream! Wish I had known about her place with my first kid, but so happy to have my 16 month old there now.
  • Daycare Recommendations

    We are at Ms. Patty’s and very happy there. I don’t know if she is taking new kids right now though. (It’s not a big operation.) [Our son] has been there since he was 7 months old (started 2 days a week, went up to 5 days a week at 11 months) and he loves the teachers and the other kids. I really like all the families and there’s a great small community. The tone is very gentle, warm, familial. Daily activities are things like “balloon dance party” and “Michael Jackson music day” and “making snowflakes”. Right now it’s a young group of kids - one baby, five 1 year olds, and three 2 year olds. The main cons in my opinion are that there’s no outdoor space and they do not go outside every day - in good weather they go outside most days, in less good weather maybe once or twice a week, and in bad weather not at all! However, the kids are very active indoors and he is certainly getting plenty of movement. All the adults are fully vaxxed and everyone aged 2 and up wears masks.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Ms. Patty's is a truly exceptional program--small, warm, with 2 amazing caregivers and a lovely community of families. Ms. Patty is a talented educator and caretaker. She spends a great deal of her time outside of daycare hours expanding her expertise in child development. She welcomes parent involvement, is consistent, caring, excellent with communication. I have gone to her for advice about parenting on many occasions. Our almost 3 y.o. has been there for almost 2 years (after almost a year at another local daycare where we were less pleased with the communication, the changing staff, and the overall program). They have a dance teacher once a week, go to the local library's story hour, and will be going to science classes at a local program this spring. There is no dedicated outdoor space but that matters so much less to us now that we know how unusual it is to find such a special place (and when the weather is good, they take local walks or spend time on the stoop).