Patti German, MFT - Patti German Counseling
Patti German, MFT - Patti German Counseling


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Reviews (2)

  • Review from the Spring 2022 SDS Survey

    When my spouse unexpectedly asked for a separation, I was in shock and needed support. It was also my first time pursuing therapy, so I was overwhelmed with the search. I talked with my primary care doc, and exhausted my employer-sponsor mental-health resources and I was shocked at how difficult it was to find a therapist. I finally emailed an old acquaintance of mine and they referred me to Patti. She is one of the only therapists that I spoke with who actually took a moment to evaluate my emotional-state and overall-well being before jumping into business. I needed those moments of human concern, because to be honest with you, I was not okay. I was dealing with something that I was very unprepared to deal with, plus trying to find mental healthcare in a very non supporting system and I was not okay. Patti took a few minutes to help me recenter myself enough to have a semi-rational conversation before helping me evaluate if she was the right person for us. Once we decided to start therapy with her, she helped us power through months of intense couples therapy, offering extended and weekend sessions when needed, and she successfully helped up navigate years of baggage and emotional build up, which was not an easy task. She was responsive to text/phone calls, and offered support outside of our sessions when we needed help deescalating from an argument until we learned how to do it ourselves. She is out of network, but she would handle billing our insurance so that we could be partially reimbursed. Her office is on the upper west side, which was a bit out of the way for us coming from brooklyn, but we both agreed that we had to leave our 'normal' neighborhood/work-hoods and to focus on our marriage.
  • Couples therapy as last resort

    My husband and I went to Patti German - She was great and helped out marriage back from a point of no return. She takes insurance, but isn’t in-network for any insurance carriers so it was only partially covered. She would do the insurance paper work, we would pay her after each session (Venmo), and insurance would reimburse us for 60% - the amount you’ll have covered will depend on your insurance plan. Sessions are $300 an hour (I think she recently increased prices to $350) paid at time of service, and we would get $180 back, so the out of pocket was $120. It was an investment, but worth it. We realized there were some basically communication / understanding differences that we were missing, even after being married for 7 years. My husband was also struggling with some depression, self-worth, self-mortality issues, and I was at a loss with how to help him as his spouse and caught a lot of his overreactions.