Pasta Louise
Pasta Louise


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Reviews (4)

  • ISO: suggestions for restaurants good for people with celiac

    Our daughter has Celiac so we are well-versed on Celiac-friendly places in the neighborhood. A third option is Pasta Louise. Also not a dedicated gluten-free place, but they serve GF pasta and have a well-labelled GF menu.
  • Good Park Slope area restaurant for a large group including two kids?

    Pasta Louise!
  • Shout Out Your Favorite Local Business!

    Pasta Louise - 8th Ave - great new neighbourhood spot for pasta, ice cream, coffee and lots more. Family run.
  • Shoutout for Pasta Louise!

    Just want to recommend a new neighborhood spot Pasta Louise (8th and 8th). Fresh homemade pasta (all kinds!), sauces (again, lots of options), ice cream (made fresh daily), and more. We have been in several times for the fresh soft serve (the strawberry has homemade roasted strawberries in it, need I say more?). We’ve also done the pasta kit, which comes with fresh pasta, sauce, focaccia, and a bottle of wine. There are several kit options, and I can say the roasted red pepper is fabulous. Haven’t tried the coffee drinks, but that’s next on the list. Everyone working there is lovely and the owner Allison is always around and chatting with customers. Truly a neighborhood spot in all the best ways.