Parsley Health New York
Parsley Health New York


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  • Thyroid Problems

    I second parsley health. I have a great endo Clifton Jackness with Park Ave Endocronology, but I work with Dr McConnell at Parsley. Supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, blood tests and gut health checks have all helped bring my antibodies down. The proactive approach to health is the way to go as far as I’m concerned!
  • Thyroid Problems

    I go to Parsley Health and see Dr. Link for my Hashimotos. Parsley Health is a functional medicine clinic, they’ve helped me a lot to keep inflammation down, figure out my diet (they assign a nutritionist to you), and figure out flare ups when they happen. It’s a membership type service which is not covered by insurance (unless maybe yours will?) and for me is about $110/month (there are other monthly rates if you need more doctors visits), but your insurance will cover the blood work.
  • PCP who can help navigate a possible autoimmune disease diagnosis

    Parsley health. I’ve been working with my doc for 2 years. I was already diagnosed, but we’re working through it and dealing with it from the ground up. It’s less expensive than most functional med doctors and they work with insurance for labs, etc. I highly recommend.
  • Anti Inflammatory Nutritionist/Specialist?

    Recommended without full review