Park Slope Yoga Center
Park Slope Yoga Center


Hatha yoga for parents with babies 3 weeks to walking.

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  • Shout Out Your Favorite Local Business!

    I'd love to give a shout out to Park Slope Yoga. I've continued my yoga classes every week and it's helped keep me sane through the last few months....such wonderful teachers and a super dedicated owner. Support them! They have many option plans for virtual classes.
  • Yoga for pregnancy

    I am a big fan of Park Slope Yoga Center. Both studios have Mom + Baby classes to get you out and moving after the birth, around 6-8 weeks old I think or 12 if you are trying to wait longer. PSYC has 2 teachers in the Momma class so they can calm crying babies and you actually get a break!
  • Good South Slope prenatal yoga classes? (or other prenatal exercise?)

    I enjoyed prenatal yoga at Park Slope Yoga, but had to stop at a certain point because SI joint pain meant that unilateral movements and positions were off the table (protip, btw! Things like lunges, warrior positions, etc., are no bueno if you have prenatal SI joint pain). I didn't find classes in South Slope that worked for my schedule.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Great for pre-natal yoga!
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Park Slope Yoga Center also has a great parent-baby yoga class where they help take care of fussy babies so you can really get an actual yoga class.
  • [PSPJuly2017Babies] Postnatal pilates / fitness recommendations?

    The parent-baby yoga classes at Park Slope Yoga are fantastic and, from what I've heard, offer more of a challenge than similar classes at other studios.
  • [PSPJuly2017Babies] Postnatal pilates / fitness recommendations?

    I've been to and enjoyed the Pilates mat classes at Park Slope Yoga. They're not postnatal-focused so you may have to modify on your own, but the teachers are pretty knowledgeable so I'm sure you could talk to them to get some advice pre/during class. I plan on going to them once I'm feeling a bit more back to normal. Also, I've never been but I've looked into private sessions at Ellie Herman Pilates on 4th. A private session could be good initially for advice on safe ab work.
  • Based on May 2016 Birth Experience

    The mom and baby yoga classes at Park Slope Yoga are great. The two instructors there are lovely and will hold the baby for you if he/she is fussy. I learned new hold poses from the teacher there. I preferred this class to the very crowded ones with only one instructor at Bend and Bloom. The PSY ones are more for the moms and not the babies, FYI. Bend and Bloom and nice dancing and whatnot with the baby but a room of 25 crying babies may not be as relaxing as one would like. Based on May 2016 Birth Experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Love the pre and post natal yoga classes at park slope yoga center Based on August 2016 Birth Experience
  • Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience

    Park Slope Yoga Center (Sasha and Paige in particular) Mom/Baby Yoga Classes Union Street Member Review: I went to their "mommy and baby" yoga classes and really enjoyed them. They have several teachers in the studio during class to help take care of the babies so that the moms can focus on their yoga practice and getting good exercise. Insurance details: No (Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)
  • Prenatal yoga

    I loved Trish's class @ park slope yoga center in union street. she gives options so you can tailor the class to your level of comfort.