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  • Park Slope Desk

    I highly recommend Park Slope Desk to anyone in need of a quiet, productive workspace. As someone who recently had a baby and transitioned to remote work, I was thrilled to find a space that allowed me to focus and get deep work done. The atmosphere is serene and the other members are considerate and respectful, making it easy to concentrate without any distractions. I appreciate the attention to detail that the staff puts into maintaining a clean and well-equipped workspace. Park Slope Desk offers large tables and monitors, which are a great asset for anyone working with design files, coding, or processing large datasets. Additionally, the owner Cosmo is friendly, approachable, and responsive. He goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone's needs are met, and has even helped me out a few times when I accidentally left something behind. It's clear that he takes pride in his business and genuinely cares about his members' experiences. Overall, Park Slope Desk is an excellent option for anyone seeking a comfortable and productive work environment in the area.
  • Belated Thank You for MTG party space ideas

    Perhaps you could rent a conference room at Park Slope Desk on 11th Street? Not sure if they do that but it might be worth asking! Especially if it's a small group.
  • Review of new co-working space

    Hey! We got one in the South Slope now! Where Applewood used to be. Awesome space. My son loves the coffee maker (good for kids who need a study hall environment, too.)