Robert Rosenkranz, DDS / Park Slope Dental
Robert Rosenkranz, DDS / Park Slope Dental


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Reviews (42)

  • ISO Dentist in Brooklyn

    I recently went to Robert Rosenkranz's office (8th Ave + 3rd St), where my husband goes, after my Manhattan dentist of 15+ years retired. Everyone there was really nice and made me feel welcome and comfortable. The hygienist was lovely and although Dr. Rosenkranz was out of the office unexpectedly, I saw his partner Dr. Ishakis and really liked him. He seemed smart and low-key, and pointed some things out about my teeth that my previous dentist never had.
  • Pediatric dentist that accepts UFT insurance?

    Fellow UFT member here. My kids see Dr. Marciano at the Dr. Rosenkranz practice on 3rd Street at 8th Avenue. Dr. Marciano and all the staff there are wonderful. My son looks forward to the television and the goody bags. The only tricky part is that Dr. Marciano is only there on Mondays, but we always schedule months in advance and it works out well.
  • seeking pediatric dentist

    We see Rosenkranz and love him and have seen him on Sunday’s in past…and can usually get an after school appointment during week.
  • Dentist for 3 yr old recommendations

    We really like Robert Rosenkranz's practice in North Slope. I think they do give kids the option to watch something on TV but if they don't, it's off. It's a pretty low frills practice but the hygienists and the doctor are really nice and good with kids.
  • Does anyone have any info on safety protocols at Robert Rosenkranz dental office/ Park Slope Dental, off 8th?

    Second that; no issues with our visits. If anything tremendous relief.
  • Does anyone have any info on safety protocols at Robert Rosenkranz dental office/ Park Slope Dental, off 8th?

    They're great. I had to take my 5yo daughter there three times (once for a cleaning and once each for a cavity on each side) in the past two months. I also went there the other month for my own cleaning, at 21 weeks pregnant, and felt completely comfortable and safe, so there 4x total in March/April/May). We didn't really wait in the waiting area--less than 2 mins when I was signing-in--and I may have only seen 2-3 other patients in passing in the four times I was there. They have hand sanitizer available, they're masked, there are shields up. They've always seemed a very hygienic dental office, and now they seem even moreso.
  • Does anyone have any info on safety protocols at Robert Rosenkranz dental office/ Park Slope Dental, off 8th?

    We love this dentist group! They are super duper safe. Full-on hazmat gear, face shields, temp check, air purifiers and circulators.
  • Looking for dentist/eye dr in park slope

    Dr. Rosenkranz is a wonderful dentist. I was there 2 weeks ago and Covid safe etc.
  • Pediatric Dentists & Kids Hairdressers

    Our son goes to Dr. Marciano, the pediatric dentist at Dr. Rosencranz’s office on 3rd Street. He is really great, and they take our insurance, which not a lot of places do. A drawback is that he’s only there on Mondays. The hygienist is also lovely and my son loves that he gets to watch TV during the cleaning and pick out a little toy when the visit is over. My husband last took him in October, and he says he felt comfortable with the Covid precautions.
  • ISO: Gentle, nonjudgemental adult dentist in Park Slope

    Dr.Robert Rosenkranz of Park Slope (3rd Street and 8th) is also super. My kids have been under his care for over 18 years and he is also spectacular. He talks to each one of his customers and treats them all like family!
  • ISO: local dentist

    Rosenkrantz. We went recently. They follow all the protocols and we felt safe.
  • Peds dentist in the Slope/Heights area?

    Another vote for Dr. Marciano, the pediatric dentist at Dr. Rozencranz’s practice. He is only there on Mondays and they are definitely back open. (June 2020)
  • Peds dentist in the Slope/Heights area?

    We really like Dr Rosenkranz in Park Slope (June 2020)
  • Dentist for 2 year old

    We took our 2-year-old daughter to Dr. Rosenkranz's office (Park Slope Dental, 3rd Street at 8th Ave). Dr. Rosenkranz is great for adults, and they have a different dentist for kids -- Dr. Marciano (only available on Mondays). Our daughter had a really good experience with Dr. Marciano. She keeps talking about wanting to go back to the dentist. (November 2019)
  • Dentist in park slope

    I second Dr. Rosenkranz. My husband and I have been patients for years. We've even had to reach out outside of regular hours because of dental emergencies and he's always happy to help. (October 2019)
  • Dentist in park slope

    I see Dr. Rosenkranz on 8th Ave and 3rd St and really like him! (718) 499-5323 (October 2019)
  • Dentist

    I second Dr Rosenkranz on 3 and 8 Ave. I was terrified to take my older daughter to the dentist because she hated the doctor but went for it when she hit 2 and she even kinda liked it. The kid sits on you and watches a show of their choosing and then gets a super cheap prize. Had a surprisingly great experience both times we’ve been. (May 2019)
  • Dentist

    We love Dr Rosenkranz on 3 and 8 Ave. They do pediatrics on Mondays. (May 2019)
  • Park Slope - Dentist recs

    We take everyone to Rosenkranz on 3rd St and 8th Ave. They see both kids and adults. Their kids dentist is great, as our oldest has had some issues over the years. We haven't taken the baby yet. A good friend of my parents' is a hygenist, and her recommendation was around 2 years, so that's our plan. (April 2019)
  • dentist recs?

    Just went to Park Slope Dental (between 8th ave and 3rd st) - Dr Rosenkranz, just today and for the first time. Very good Dr and service, no waiting time. (January 2019)
  • Dentist rec (adult not pediatric)?

    I really like Dr. Robert Rosenkranz at Park Slope Dental. (January 2019)
  • Doctor and Dental Reccomendations

    We see Dr. Bowler at One Medical and she is AH-MA-ZING! My One Medical membership fee is covered by my employer but its nominal and so worth it! For dental, we have seen Dr. Rosenkrantz and he is a ROCK-STAR! Both practices also offer pediatric services! (January 2019)
  • ISO Pediatric Dentist

    We love Rosenkranz on 3rd St. Sunday hours, on call for emergencies, great peds dentist, super easy to schedule time, and everyone is really nice. Our whole family goes there (and yes, once had to get them to call in an emergency script at 9pm on a Saturday night). (December 2018)
  • August 2018 review

    We are big fans of Dr. Rosenkranz on 3rd. We all go to him.
  • Local UFT Dentists

    We love Dr. Rosenkranz!! (August 2018)
  • Pediatric Dentist

    We take our toddler to Dr. Bersson at Park Slope Dental. He’s so patient and good with kids, and the first few visits are so educational for the parents — he’s really great with explaining where you’re at with their development, what you should be doing then, etc. (August 2018)
  • Local UFT Dentists

    If you like an efficiently run office and the gentlest manner I have ever encountered, this is your dentist! (August 2018)
  • Re: Dentist recommendation

    Dr. Rosenkranz at Park Slope Dental! He's fabulous and has weekend hours. (November 2015)
  • Re: Dentist recommendation

    The practice of Dr. Rosenkrantz and co (Third Street at 8th avenue) is the BEST IN THE WORLD! I have three kids there, and two grownups. They are profession, full of soul and humor and totally reasonable about insurance/cost stuff. Can't recommend them enough. (November 2015)
  • Re: ISO pediatric dentist who accepts Aetna

    Dr. Robert Rosenkrantz’s dental practice takes our Aetna PPO plan. There is a different plan (the DMO) that they don’t take. They have a great pediatric dentist that we use - Dr Tendler. He is fairly booked up but worth waiting for. (August 2014)
  • Re: Dentist?

    A colleague recommended him & I was very very pleased with him & all his staff (January 2014)
  • Re: Dentist?

    Dr Rosenkrantz on 8th ave and 3rd St. I can second that recommendation. (January 2014)
  • Re: ISO Pediatric dentist that accepts Guardian

    Park slope dental in 3rd street. Search dr rosenkrantz for number although he is not the pediatric dentist. We love them! (December 2013 review)
  • emergency dentist in our area

    Call dr rosenkrantz at park slope dental. I'd had luck with him in the past. (several people recommended him) (June 2013 review)
  • August 2012 review

    Our whole family goes to see the dentists at Park Slope Dental and couldn't be happier. The adults see Dr. Rosenkrantz and my daughter saw Dr. Tendler. Great dentists, great staff, great office, little waiting, willing to work with insurance companies...just great.
  • May 2012 recommendation

    Recommended without full review, May 2012
  • October 2011 review

    You can't beat Rosenkrantz at 8th Ave and 3rd St. - wonderful odd dentists and Dr. Rosenkrantz is great for adults.
  • May 2011 review

    He was amazing with my 2.5 yr old! He made his first dentist visit fun and appealing: Elmo, stickers, funny stories. He's a dad and has a natural ease and playfulness with kids. You'll be in capable hands. He was also very informative about dental care and nutrition. My son continues to talk about the visit to this day- and it was 2 months ago.
  • May 2011 review

    Dr Kallus is great. He works with Dr Rosenkranz at Park Slope Dental on 3rd street at 8 ave. He isn't there all the time so be sure to call and make an appointment first. I have been a patient of both for about 3years now and would never want to see any other dentists. The office is filled with almost bizarrely polite feel like you are in an alternate universe there...everyone is SO nice! And the quality of their work is amazing.
  • Review from 2011 PSP Dentist Survey

    Again, our sons have long experience here and I found them to be pleasant and easy to work with. The Sunday hours are terrific. The nurses do a good job of explaining dental hygiene and Dr. Alan is gentle. INSURANCE: We have no dental insurance and so have not filed claims.
  • December 2010 review

    i took my tot to Park Slope Dental (Rosencrantz et al). Their website isn't up to date and doesn't mention Dr Neiman, who is a pediatric dentist, and whom I saw. Dr. Neiman was good. He naturally does think you should go to a pediatric dentist and I have to say that I can't imagine how a regular dentist would know what to do with a (hugely reluctant in our case) toddler from a behavioral point of view as much as medical. He knew how to hold her so she was lying between us, with me holding her lower half the whole time. She BAWLED fit to wake the dead, of course. But that was inevitable - as soon as he touched her. Same with the regular doctor. If I do as Dr Neiman says, she'll be back in the new year for another check-up and I'll have to confess to little progress on cleaning her teeth daily (ha!) , as instructed.
  • October 2010 review

    Dr. Robert Rosenkrantz is fantastic. He's friendly, knowledgeable & professional. He's almost always on time, the office is spotless and his staff is great.