Park Chemists
Park Chemists


Your family owned neighborhood medicine cabinet where gift shop meets pharmacy!

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  • ISO: Notary in the neighborhood?

    Park chemist on 5th and sackett and neeregard on 5th and 12th also have these services. Just call in advance to see which days they are in. It was super easy for us - $2 per signature.
  • Shout out to Park Chemist on 4th Avenue for being a great local pharmacy

    Wanted to take a moment to tell PSP of a lovely little pharmacy on 4th Avenue and 12th street, Park Chemist. South Slope/Gowanus. The staff is kind, whoever does the buying curates items that can be great for gifts like pretty soaps and fun cards (or to treat yourself) and they also have toys, general drug store items, and pharmacy services. Recently one of my children needed their Covid booster and does not have the easiest time with shots. Our children's pediatrician did not have the boosters so since I had my booster and my husband his flu shot at Park Chemist, we thought we would give it a try. We spoke to the owner with our concerns and he and his pharmacist on the day of the shot were on board to help. It was the most successful shot my child has had. Went off without a hitch. So grateful. We have no connection to the pharmacy other than being pleased shot receivers and shoppers. And it is nice to support small local businesses with who you can connect differently than a large chain.
  • ISO Greenwood/South Slope stores for holiday gifts

    Park Chemists Pharmacy on 4th ave and 12th also has nice candles and soaps (and probably could really use the business).
  • ISO: Notary

    Park Chemists on 5th Avenue offers notary services and their doors are still open. I was in there and the lovely staff were soldiering on in face masks, administering flu shots and dispensing prescriptions. A great community business even in ordinary times.
  • Recommendation: Park Chemists Pharmacy

    I second this recommendation... been meaning to write a post myself, so thanks. Park Chemists is great with complicated prescription issues, auto-renewals, and contacting doctors. I've also used them for flu shots and notary services. They get to know their customers by sight — personal service and a local mom and pop feel.
  • Recommendation: Park Chemists Pharmacy

    I have been meaning for a long time to recommend to our community Park Chemists on both 5th and 4th Ave in Park Slope. They are one of the few remaining businesses in the area that function as a mom and pop store, in all the best ways! The owners and staff know everyone by first name, they take the burden of dealing with doctors and insurance companies to be sure to get medications quickly and efficiently, and they are just a pleasure to be around. I could not recommend them more. If you go to another pharmacy without this warm feeling, I highly recommend trying them out - it’s incredible how much these positive day to day interactions influence our lives!!