Pam Brooks
Pam Brooks



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Reviews (4)

  • mortgage broker recs?

    I have used Pam brooks to refinance my mortgage twice. She was so good she put herself out of a job with me because my current rate is so low.
  • 2018 Review

    I swear by Pam brooks whose info is below, I’ve refinanced through her twice and the current rate is so good that I hope to never need her again. I’ve sent people to her and she has helped a lot of them too. I am not affiliated with her and am just a happy longtime customer.
  • Re: Mortgage broker recommendation?

    Pam brooks is great. More than a broker: A great partner. I've used her twice and plenty of friends have used her as well as my parents... She succeeded where I failed trying to go it alone and I was close to giving up on a refinance until I found her - and now I don't work with anyone else.
  • (no subject)

    I have a great rec - Pam Brooks of Stanley Capital She helped us refinance a year ago after I was about to give up on getting it done, she was my last hope and worked magic; I referred her to my parents and she got it done for them as well when they had considered giving up