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Pache Montessori


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Reviews (5)

  • Review from the Fall 2021 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Type of facility: Infant Daycare through Kindergarten Review: Our child is around 2 and we would choose Pache again. Our impressions: Love - Warm teacher who cares about the kids: our kid walks in happily most mornings! - Montessori: respect and appreciation for children's individuality, curiosity and agency, tempered by boundaries and structure - Teacher puts a lot of effort into new activities, experiences and growth opportunities for the children. Our kid comes home eager to do things they did in school like peel fruit independently. - Mixed age classrooms means our child learns from older kids as well as teachers - Good communication from the school - Taking COVID precautions seriously Meh/Mixed - Inflexibility: I appreciate their putting children's needs first with respect to providing consistency etc, but it comes at the cost of flexibility for parents. For example, previously parents were supposed to provide 3 weeks notice if they wanted to pick up their kid early, and could only do it once a semester; now it's 3 days notice and "we'll talk if this is happening consistently" which seems more reasonable. Dislike - Expensive: I hope the teachers are being well compensated! What amenities does the facility provide? Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Provides meals, Provides Snacks, Spanish Immersion option, Academic or Full year options What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? As above, a bit more flexibility around schedule would be nice, but I appreciate the difficulty of providing that in NYC and especially in COVID times. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? They seem to take it seriously and have had only 2 cases, neither of which transmitted in the school. Main precautions we've seen: - Parents complete a daily health questionnaire - All teachers are vaccinated - Kids 2+ wear masks - 1-2x daily temperature checks - Kids with any COVID symptoms sent home, PCR test required for return after COVID symptoms - Published a thorough "holiday" guide with expectations/guidelines for indoor gatherings and included use of home testing that was realistic and helpful
  • Seeking in-person pre-K level program with space

    Yes, Paché Montessori on Court Street has space. I'm a parent there, and adore the school. Happy to tell you more or connect you to the admissions team.
  • Childcare advice in the area + walking buddy in Carroll Gardens

    For those of you looking for childcare options, I can’t recommend Paché Montessori in Cobble Hill enough! It’s great/ authentic Montessori preschool with a dreamy Infant program, that usually has around 8-9 kids in a class and 3 guides/ caregivers. We toured many many places for both our kids and this in my opinion, is the best in class in our neighborhood. They have a very thorough COVID plan, the kids have been back in session since August and it’s all been seamless. Beyond the infant program (3-18m), they offer both English and Spanish immersion programs that run thorough Kindergarten.
  • ISO: Any thoughts on Pache Montessori or Montessori Day School of Brooklyn?

    Our son has been at Pache since he was 12wks old and we are about to enter the toddler program this fall. We absolutely love it there - there is a young innovative team of really dedicated administrators who we trust (important in these times) and the guides (Montessori for “teacher”) are so incredibly caring and committed to the little ones and their education. Also a great and welcoming parent community!
  • ISO: Any thoughts on Pache Montessori or Montessori Day School of Brooklyn?

    We ADORE Pache. Our 4-yr old has been there since she was a baby and my newborn will go as well. Their toddler program is phenomenal.