P.S. 38 - The Pacific

P.S. 38 - The Pacific



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Reviews (3)

  • Information about PS 38 the pacific school?

    We went to PS 38 for UPK-1st grade and loved it. We just relocated to NC and I was very sad to leave the school community and friendships we made while there. UPK is great at 38. Of course last year was weird but I think the school handled it well. I had a concern once during the stress of remote pandemic learning and wrote to the principal and she called me that same day and talked to me for something like 45 minutes. That’s not normal from what I hear. The enrichment classes the school offers are awesome - lots of arts based things, which vibed well with our family. Because of the way things went during the pandemic I found myself on the school grounds after school a lot this year, watching the kids play on the playground. Kids started their own very organized kickball games, other kids sat together in the shade and did art projects, the after school group through the Y played jump rope games. Some boys would humor my 18 month old and kick a ball to him. My daughter didn’t want to leave.
  • Review from the 2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool Survey

    PS 38 has an amazing Pre-K program and our child will be attending the high quality kindergarten program next year. It's a large program with six classes, but the teachers and paraprofessionals learn every kid's name in every class. Our class's paraprofessional, Ms. Millie, stands in the doorway every morning and greets every kid by name and their siblings too! Our daughter is so hopped up on learning. She loved the solar system unit and came home talking about gas giants and learned the names of other moons in the solar system. They are doing an insect unit this month and she talks nonstop about butterflies and ladybugs. She asks us interesting questions about the things she's learning in school. The prek program is play-based with "choice time" where the kids choose centers to play in. Our daughter loves the "dramatic play" center and brings stuffed animals to school so she can play "mama cat". They take dance class twice a week and they put on an adorable performance for the parents. A woman visits the school regularly to teach a woodshop class. They've had STEM programs from Home Depot. I know kindergarten, which will be more "academic" is going to be an adjustment, but our teacher is doing a great job preparing the kids, and my daughter often talks about next year when she's in kindergarten and will be five! Also, seeing how much she is soaking up all the information she's receiving and begging for more (with her 20-plus questions at bedtime), I think the academics next year are going to be really good for her. We love PS 38. DETAILS: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What you would change: The after school program, which people rave about, ends at 5:30 so we opted to send our daughter to a private program that runs to 6:00. But next year we will do the school program because of all the arts options. But I wish it ran until 6:00 for those of us working in Manhattan.
  • Experience with District 15 UPK Schools?

    Our son is loving pre-k at PS 38.