P.S. 133 William A Butler
P.S. 133 William A Butler


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  • PS 133

    We have been very happy at P.S. 133. My son is in Grade 2 there now (he started there in pre-k) - and my daughter is now there in pre-K (dual-language Spanish). It is not a zoned school so it draws from a wider geographic area than other schools around, which I think is a plus. It's a beautiful building with good facilities (theater, art studio, etc) -- good to have for non-pandemic times. I find the staff pleasant, communicative with parents, and responsive and we have had good experiences with both of our kids' teachers all the way along. There's a pretty active PTA. I think 133 has done as good a job as any school in these very weird circumstances we're all dealing with. We feel particularly fortunate that my daughter has had few enough in-person kids in her class that she attends in person every day, and my son has been doing the "hybrid" (half in person, half remote) setup. I fully agree with K. that it is more of a traditional school, but also warm, cheerful and congenial. Good luck in your decision process!
  • PS 133

    Hi! We love PS 133! My daughter just started Kindergarten there this year, in the DLP Spanish program, so we only have a few months, (and very strange ones) to reflect on. That said, we have had a really positive experience to date. The school feels very organized, and communicates very well with parents. The teachers all seem incredibly dedicated. My daughter's Kindergarten teacher is happy to come to work and seems as disappointed as the kids when shut-downs have occurred (which have been minimal- a testament to how hard the school is working to ensure safety and follow guidelines.) There is generally a congenial cheerful warm feel in the school which I love. I have been very impressed with how online learning has been handled- the teachers and staff really seem so passionate about making sure the kids learn what they should, and they go above and beyond in terms of their time commitments to make sure that this happens. The one thing I will say is that I think it is more of a traditional school environment than some of the more progressive public elementary schools, although this might seem more the case at present due to COVID restrictions. What I mean by this is that there is a lot of use of worksheets, workbooks, independent study, etc., even in Kindergarten. I don't know if this is as true in other public K programs; it may be! In general our daughter LOVES school and has learned a tremendous amount. And for the first time in her life she now answers her Spanish-speaking relatives in Spanish, which is an added plus to the DLP! : )
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    Just saying that we had a really bad experience at PS 133 so I would not recommend that ...
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    While I cannot speak for the older grades, my son is attending 133 for prek this year and we are extremely pleased with the school and his teachers. I agree with Joyce about the principle. She is great and so is the parent coordinator. I think 133 is poised to become a great school for our neighborhood!