Owl's Head Yoga Studio
Owl's Head Yoga Studio


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  • outdoor pilates class?

    Well it’s not outdoors, I can highly recommend a zoom Pilates class at Owls Head yoga studio where are you don’t need to wear your mask because you’re at home -so the commute is great, it’s at 9 AM Mondays and 11:30 AM Saturdays and Paul teaches it and he’s fantastic. They do also have some outdoor yoga classes but a lot of their classes are on zoom which I personally prefer because it doesn’t matter if you’re in New York- you can still take them. And they’re affordable too
  • Pilates zoom classes?

    PS - since it's not an AM class, this is more for others - I can highly recommend one Zoom pilates class but it's 6:30p Tuesdays through Owls Head Yoga; Erica's great but Paul the teacher is incredible. I've been taking him in person for well over 10 years and he's now just doing one zoom class per week. I'm hoping he'll add 1-2 more as he's the best pilates teacher I've ever had. He's so popular that Sunday AM at 9a at a local gym, he teaches at the doorway between 2 classrooms - he sometimes fills both. (I almost don't want to tell people so the classes don't get too full...)