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Reviews (3)

  • Recommending Outschool

    I recently had to keep my daughter home from school due to omicron and found Outschool to be a really good option to keep her (and me) engaged and learning something new. I recently learned that they have put together a formal program to support schools and parents. I thought I'd share here in case there are teachers or parents looking for options when the little learner has to stay home.
  • Favorite Classes/Teachers or Similar Sites?

    My son (11) very much enjoyed "Learn to Debate - Introductory Argumentation" by the Broome County Debate Alliance. He also took the next, Intermediate class after completing the first one. Pretty timely and relevant, too :)
  • Favorite Classes/Teachers or Similar Sites?

    We’ve had great experiences with all of our outschool teachers but one my son (age 7) has particularly enjoyed is Sydney Pless. She teaches a series on sharks.